What Is Olympus?

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What Is Olympus?
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With lots of new projects appearing day after day on various blockchains, the Binance Smart Chain arena seems to be leading with the most innovative ones. Who is on top of this chain, who is the most valuable builder of fundamental and most wanted tools?  

Olympus is an ecosystem of unique DeFi services, aimed to make the launch of each new Binance Smart Chain project as safe and transparent as possible.

Released on the 1st of July, Olympus is powered by an original dual BUSD-Reflect token with a buyback system and auto-liquidity generation. It is actively traded on Gate.io and available for swap through BogSwap DEX aggregator.

Core Olympus products:

  • Liquidity Locking Platform
  • Token Vesting Tool
  • BSC Presale Launchpad
  • Olympus Royale NFT Game

Liquidity Locking: Locker of Ananke

Liquidity locking is the easiest way to prevent project developers from rug pulling, so it is something that investors are willing to see in any solid launch. Therefore, liquidity locking gives the new tokens legitimacy and adds a solid layer of security.

Common issues with liquidity locking are that it comes with high costs and complex processes. However, Olympus introduced the next-generation liquidity lock platform to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The Locker of Ananke has plenty of unique features and is more affordable than any other BSC liquidity lockers.

Token Vesting Tool: Wheel of Khronos

Many of those who want to buy into IDOs on BSC right now are looking for even more protection of their holdings. There is always a risk that the team behind a new token may take advantage of the opportunity presented by unlocking the liquidity and dump all team tokens simultaneously.

Token Vesting Tool called Wheel of Khronos will let any project developers vest their tokens, lock them automatically, and cast them gradually over a set period of time.

Presale Launchpad: The Forge of Hephaestus

The Forge of Hephaestus is designed to become the safest Launchpad service on BSC, bringing risk-free investing into the market. It will enable promising projects to raise capital with full control of the process.

Same as with the other tools, benefits for Olympus token holders are obvious – the more new BSC projects use the Launchpad, the more rewards will be distributed. All fees from the Forge are reinvested back into Olympus.

Olympus Royale NFT Game

The next generation of NFT gamification. Offering unique game modes never seen before with a chance to win amazing rewards paid in both tokens and NFTs, Olympus Royale will completely innovate BSC decentralized gaming.

The PvP Royale mode and PvE Adventure mode allow players to challenge multiple paths. The main goal of the game is to level up the character NFTs and become the ultimate God of Olympus.

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