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Who Will Be the Top of Meme Coins?

January 13th, 2022 at 11:37 am UTC · 4 min read

Who Will Be the Top of Meme Coins?

Japan, a country that has completely disappeared in history, was once called “ZIPANG”, and in golden country ZIPANG, there was a dog born to fight, worshiped as an incarnation of God. The name of the dog is “TOSA INU”.

It is said according to Marco Polo that ZIPANG is an independent island nation located 1500 miles east of the Chinese continent, producing huge amounts of gold, the royal palace is made of gold, the people are polite and calm, and the method of cremation is It is said that there was a custom of cremation or burial, in which pearls were placed in the mouths of the dead and mourned.

Over time, now 2021.

2021 was an unquestionable breakthrough for cryptocurrencies, backed by unprecedented monetary easing by central banks around the world.

Metaverse, GameFi, Layer 2 blockchain were standing out, but the genre that made the most breakthrough was “Meme Coin” like SHIBA INU ( Price up about 500,000 times).

“Meme” is a coined word that combines gene and the Greek word mimeme, and refers to cultural information and cultural genes that are transmitted from person to person by imitation and proliferate.

SHIBA INU was created for beating DOGECOIN, which was the long term representative of Meme Coin. Since the great leap forward of SHIBA INU, a large number of Meme Coins have been generated, using the name of dog (INU) and trying to eat the easy fruit of success of SHIBA INU.

However, none of them had a clear and powerful concept and execution power like SHIBA INU had. All that was there was laziness in the form of imitation.

Under such circumstances, ZIPANG’s legendary fighting dog TOSA INU was born in the war of INU-Memes, backed by fighting dog fans all over the world.

The purpose of TOSA INU is only “To beat DOGECOIN and SHIBA INU and reign at the new top of Meme Coins”.

TOSA INU Community will thoroughly science “Meme” and will keep to practice the best.

Top priority is to maximize the power of the community.

Nowadays, the concept of DAO (“Decentralized Autonomous Organization”, which has no specific administrator or main constituent) is attracting world attention.

Now, what is the most suitable cryptocurrency to mediate the organizational form called DAO?

The answer to this question is definitely “Meme Coin”.

Why? That’s because “Meme Coin have nothing to support their value except “Meme”. If there is nothing there, no chain of command is needed, and therefore no traditional pyramidal organizational structure is also needed.

Reddit-wallstreetbets (a community founded with the aim of “empowering individual investors and countering institutional investors”) have done great things.

They succeeded short squeezes to the shorting of hedge funds, which business model had long been a symbol of capitalism, with the help of the community alone.

It is no exaggeration to say that since that incident the world has changed completely.

However, even in the world of blockchain, which should be at the cutting edge for new world order, most people are still striving to create a substantial pyramid structure.

The earliest private sale that can only be invested with some specific connections power such as VCs is exactly the symbol of that.

People insist loudly “Decentralization, but in reality nothing has changed.

Therefore, TOSA INU Community is prepared to cut into the essence with “Meme” as the strongest weapon.

This is the most direct and essential methodology for asking how a currency should be and a proof that Meme Coin is more pure than Bitcoin as a currency”.

Those who really understand this meaning are those who understand the essence of currencies in the post-central bank era.

Finally, this is all TOSA INU Community want to tell world.

“Just you wait and see, SHIBA INU. Who is the top of Meme Coins? The top will be definitely TOSA INU”.

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