Why Jigstack Is Microsoft of DeFi

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Why Jigstack Is Microsoft of DeFi
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Like Microsoft, Jigstack is looking to provide appealing and user-centric services, albeit in a decentralized manner.

It takes great efforts on the part of businesses to emerge as the powerhouse of their industry. As such, only a handful of companies have achieved this feat in the last couple of decades. One of such is Microsoft, a colossal force in the tech world. This brand has somehow positioned itself as the nexus between users and innovative products. Interestingly, Jigstack, a decentralized autonomous organization, is towing a similar path. Here is how!

Microsoft and Jigstack Are Both Ambitious

One thing that sets Microsoft apart is its penchant for developing products that resonate with users. It created unique computing tools and applications and forever changed the way the entire industry approached the concept of personal computers. Not long after it revealed that it seeks to enable a world where each household owned a personal computer, Microsoft introduced a suite of services, which ushered in a new development phase in the digitization movement. The propensity of discovering better designs and efficient ways of delivering high-quality technologies has helped Microsoft maintain its status as a formidable force in any field it tackles.

Although Microsoft’s values are not hidden, the problem is that a majority has found it difficult to replicate them in their businesses. It is one thing to create a business; it is another to establish a sustainable brand. This is where other aspiring entrepreneurs have faltered. Therefore, it is newsworthy whenever a startup seems to have cultivated these values and has begun to implement them in various ways. This is why Jigstack is fast becoming a rising star in its chosen field – the Decentralized Finance sector. Jigstack is looking to democratize the DeFi landscape and bring open finance to mainstream consciousness. This goal is on par with the level of ambition that has cemented the place of Microsoft in the ongoing tech revolution.

The Power of Innovation and High Standards

Like Microsoft, Jigstack is looking to provide appealing and user-centric services, albeit in a decentralized manner. Also, it is going all out to preserve the simplicity of its infrastructures and ensure that they evade the limitations of other DeFi applications. Although its goals are a little bit ambitious, given that the DeFi is still considered an experimental landscape, Jigstack understands that the reward far outweighs the current challenges. Hence, it is committing all its resources and technical expertise towards establishing a viable DeFi ecosystem.

As expected, this requires a dynamic shift in the governing and business cultures prevalent in the decentralized terrain. Though there are over 355,000 token contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, it is difficult to put a pin on the development curves of these systems and how they bring about a truly innovative ecosystem. Under the current state of the DeFi sector, the best we can hope for is intermittent developmental achievements. The downside is that users have to undergo cumbersome steps to identify the best DeFi tokens to buy. Therefore, Jigstack must unite this heavily disjointed industry.

Jigstack is proposing an approach that combines standards and innovations for an enabling environment for developers and users. In essence, it is looking to become a nexus that channels decentralized, autonomous, secure, and standardized services to DeFi proponents. As the first phase of its ongoing DeFi reinvention, Jigstack has created a suite of solutions that caters to the marketing needs of developers.

Ethlink And Lemonade Put Jigstack on Track

Ethlink and Lemonade are to Jigstack what Windows is to Microsoft. These products provide opportunities to restructure the DeFi landscape around purpose-built and innovative applications. Ethlink offers optimized affiliate marketing tools with decentralized governance and operational functions. Hence, the whole process required for high market exposure and referrals is autonomous and free from the inputs of intermediaries. The product combines blockchain functionalities and conventional affiliate marketing concepts. This approach provides an efficient and tamper-proof design for linking brands to a global network of advertisers. The platform pays commissions directly to the Ethereum wallets of whosoever promotes featured projects or companies.

On the other hand, Lemonade delivers a cheap and automated way of issuing tokens or organizing a crowd sale. Jigstack designed this product to democratize the process required in launching token sales while ensuring that applicable standards are met. When startups or developers combine the functionalities of Ethlink and Lemonade, it becomes easier to meet predefined targets. The cumulation of these services helps projects achieve explosive and sustainable growth.


While Microsoft remains the gold standard, as regards business success, for the likes of Jigstack, it is worth mentioning that there are different focal points to the approach adopted by these two innovative brands. For one, Microsoft runs an ironclad ecosystem. Conversely, Jigstack favors a permissionless environment where the autonomy of users is preserved. These conflicting ideologies may play pivotal roles in the future of both businesses.

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