Why This Company Could Be The Coinbase of Asia

Place/Date: - January 18th, 2021 at 8:57 am UTC · 4 min read
Contact: Finxflo, Source: Finxflo

Why This Company Could Be The Coinbase of Asia

Singapore-based crypto platform Finxflo, described as the world’s first hybrid liquidity aggregator, is making a name for itself in the Asia region by compiling liquidity from both CeFi and DeFi venues, without the need to access or open multiple accounts.

Finxflo’s solution aims to deliver the type of one-stop-stop service that both retail and institutional traders and investors are looking for, providing access to the full potential of cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance through one convenient and secure application.

While its hybrid liquidity aggregation is an interesting innovation, what does that mean for users, and what else does the platform have to offer, particularly for a region that currently lacks a Coinbase-like alternative?

Finxflo Products and Features

Cefi Exchange Aggregator

Finxflo’s advanced aggregation tool allows the accumulation of prices across multiple exchanges, and its smart order routing algorithm then distributes orders simultaneously to achieve the optimum buy or sell price.

DeFi Protocol Aggregator

The Finxflo platform also provides a “protocol aggregation engine” that consolidates the best rates and prices from participating protocols into one global order book, delivering transparency, simplicity, and low latency. It eliminates market distortion, providing a more secure service.

Deepest Liquidity

By aggregating with both the leading exchanges and DeFi protocols, Finxflo facilitates greater liquidity with low 0.1% trading fees and significant transparency, delivering a type of service to all users previously reserved for institutional investors.

Seamless Trading

Finxflo facilitates access to global cryptocurrency markets from a single user-friendly interface without the downtime risks associated with relying upon an individual exchange.

Zero Withdrawal Fees

Finxflo offers zero withdrawal fees and same-day guarantees without limiting any customers, enhancing the overall cryptocurrency trading experience.

‘Liquidity Sponge’ Trading

Finxflo’s institutional-grade tools deliver a “liquidity sponge” for all users to execute trades at the best price via more than 25 venues with minimal slippage and reduced risk. This functionality creates a fair playing field, protecting from front running and delivering optimal price execution without limitations on liquidity supply.

Demo Trading

Finxflo allows traders to familiarize themselves with the trading interface using a demo account before making live trades.


Finxflo is a fully compliant platform, regulated by the Monetary Authority Singapore (MAS), currently under grandfathering status, with additional licenses pending in Cyprus and the US.


Finxflo deploys industry-leading security standards such as end-to-end military-grade encryption and mutual authentication along with non-custodial management of crypto assets.

Insured Custodial Storage

Finxflo also offers institutional-grade insured custodial storage solutions in line with their regulated mandate.

FXF Token

The Finxflo ecosystem is fueled by the native FXF token, a blockchain 3.0 asset allowing users to benefit from all the additional features of Finxflo including cross-chain interoperability and access to DeFi market yield farming opportunities, liquidity mining, staking, governance voting rights over the Finxflo ecosystem development, and reduced trading fees.

Another feature is “mining by trading,” meaning that traders receive FXF tokens by simply making trades on Finxflo, which also incentives platform liquidity and enhanced activity.

Dual-Chain Interoperability and DeFi Gateway

Finxflo opens up the world of cross-chain interoperability and DeFi protocols across the Ethereum and Tron ecosystems as FXF is simultaneously an ERC20 and TRC20 token.

It offers a unique gateway to DeFi yield farming liquidity provision, increased trading pairs, and global arbitrage opportunities.

Liquidity Mining

Finxflo also has yield farming potential of its own as FXF token holders can choose to provide liquidity to FXF for exchanges. These funds are used as a margin on underlying trading platforms, and liquidity providers are rewarded with FXF in return. This process is called liquidity mining, and all FXF holders can utilize this to generate profits in FXF tokens.


By staking FXF tokens, holders can also earn passive income. Reward pools are filled from platform trading fees, and investors are rewarded proportionally to the number of staked coins through an automated smart contract.

Buy Crypto and Trade Anywhere

Users can buy crypto using credit or debit cards and trade cryptocurrencies on Finxflo from any device, fully compatible with Mac and Windows and complemented by iOS and Android applications.

Filling The Void

While US-based providers like Coinbase can offer a one-stop solution, they are fragmented, with access split between the centralized Coinbase app and decentralized Coinbase Wallet app solutions, for example. Coverage in the Asia region is also limited, with many areas not covered, and where they are, restricted to more basic crypto conversion services only.

Finxflo’s vision is to fill this void, creating an industry-leading one-stop-shop for the mainstream to provide a full crypto service for both retail and institutional traders with access to the most popular cefi platforms and DeFi protocols all in the same place.