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August 19th, 2021 at 8:26 pm UTC · 3 min read

The digital manga market is booming, and it’s only going to get bigger because of its increasing popularity. In 2020 alone, digital manga sales in Japan have increased significantly, hitting an all-time-highs of 342.0 billion yen. Meanwhile, the highly valuable Manga merchandising market holds the credit of being the largest source of Japan’s significant anime revenue at 44.36% of the 1.3 trillion yen earnings in 2019.

In light of this, Manga Token is ushering in a new era of digital manga by creating an ecosystem where Manga Creators and Manga fans can collaborate and find new ways to monetize their work through Manga NFTs.

About Manga Token

Manga Token was born out of the necessity for digital Manga NFTs that will bridge the gap between Manga creators and fans online by putting only authentic original Manga NFTs into the hands of collectors.

It is a reward, payment, and staking token for the Manga industry. It is here to facilitate the promotion and support of manga artists through a new form of digital merchandise called Manga NFTs.

These NFTs are made available to consumers and collectors through the creation of a platform called Trophee.

About Trophee

Trophee is an NFT marketplace where you can create, exchange, and explore top-notch Manga NFTs.

Designed by a team of forward-thinking software developers with years of experience in the games and finance industry, Trophee is dedicated to bringing the robust NFT experience to the Manga community.

Utilities of $MANGA

To begin with, NFTs can be purchased with $MANGA at zero transaction fees directly on the Trophee.xyz. Furthermore, users can use the Token as votes and participate in voting for their favorite Manga titles.

$MANGA is also a reward token for manga artists and community groups who have contributed to the release of manga online. In addition, users can also stake $MANGA for token allocation to new Manga-related projects’ Initial DEX Offering on the Manga Project Starter platform.


A total of 2,507,000,000 $MANGA will be sold for USDT.  $MANGA is sold through the seed, private, pre-sale, and public IDO/IEO rounds, allowing everyone to have access to $MANGA.


Many crypto investors have shown enormous interest in the Manga Token project.  As a result, the team has recently successfully closed their seed and private sale funding raising round with oversubscriptions. In the process, the team has built a strong network of early supporters to contribute to the long-term success of Manga Token’s ecosystem, including top investors such as DVG Capital, Polybius Capital, CryptoProp, Exnetwork Capital, GRS Research, Dreamcore, Black Dragon, and Oracles Investment Group.

Upcoming Events

The Manga token will be listed on PancakeSwap on the 26th of August, 2021, and on Bitmart on the 27th of August, 2021. The P2PB2B IEO took place on the 11th -15th of August, 2021. The Prostarter IDO also takes place on the 21st of August, 2021.

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