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Place/Date: - November 6th, 2017 at 4:50 pm UTC · 5 min read
Source: Wi-Fi Global

A new project Wi-Fi Global on the expanses of the blockchain space will soon start selling tokens. Wi-Fi Global is a platform for users of individuals who connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi and advertisers who want to show them ads. Thus, the Wi-Fi Global Project will expand the coverage of the Internet in the world and provide users with free access to a Wi-Fi network.

The Wi-Fi Global platform creates a worldwide decentralized free Wi-Fi network. There are 3 key links in the chain:

  • User is a person who connects to an open network and uses the Internet for free after watching ads.
  • The owner of the router – provides access to an open network and earns on advertising.
  •  Advertiser – broadcasts advertising to its target audience, paying with the owners of routers.

When person connect to the system, the router starts distributing another network. It is isolated from the home network at the software level, so without the owner’s knowledge, no one can connect to it. The second network becomes public. The load on the router is distributed evenly, the owner can set the parameters suitable for him. When connecting to a public network, users see targeted ads. The income of the owner of the router depends on the quantity and quality of the advertisement viewed. The system analyzes the location, profiles in social networks, search queries and other parameters necessary for advertising targeting. The more solvent the audience is in the public network, the more tokens are charged for viewing ads and, accordingly, the more expensive are the impressions for advertisers. The referral program allows active users to earn money by creating a global network, involving new router owners.

All information is stored in the locker and periodically updated. These data can not be lost or faked. Blockchain has become the connecting link of the whole system. Each transaction is serviced by a deal. Deal actually plays the role of an advertising agency. It is necessary to ensure that both sides are confident that the advertising budget will reach its destination and is converted into the planned number of impressions.

The Team announced this project in November 2017. 11th November Wi-Fi Global will start pre – ICO into 1 500 000 GFI tokens (GFI) without a bonus of 30%, distributed among investors, promoters (through bounty programmes) and the developers. ICO is scheduled for 15th December.

A total of 150,000,000 GFI Tokens will be produced. .During the period pre – ICO and ICO, 101,500,000 GFI will be available for purchase. In order to reduce the possible devaluation in the early stages, only 5% is reserved for pre – ICO, with the same percentage awarded as incentives to early investors, 5 % for advisors, 10% for Team and founders and 10% for the Bounty campaign. The bulk of the tokens (70%) will be sold during the ICO. All unsold tokens will be destroyed.

The ICO will last until  January 15 or until the Hard Cap reaches $30 000 000. During the ICO, investors will be given GFI tokens in proportion to their contribution. Course 1 GFI token per $0.3.

Bonuses for investors of pre- ICO: 30% of tokens during the period pre-ICO.

In the turnover will be issued 150,000,000 GFI. The cost of the token on the ICO will be $0.3. In the future, the price will depend on the% penetration of Wi-Fi Global into the advertising market: from the volume of the market formed by the project. The more penetration into the advertising market, the higher the price of the token. This is due to the fact that the volume of penetration to the market will grow, and the number of tokens will remain fixed.

Wi-Fi for everyone.

The goal of the Wi-fi Global project is to create a unique platform that can solve global problems,namely to access to Wi-Fi for any person. The first problem is to connect to an open Wi-Fi network, which in the modern world is very inconvenient for any person. Wi-Fi Global will allow using the home routers to cover the maximum amount of residential space around the world with a free Wi-Fi network, and also stimulate the distribution of free Internet in places with high traffic: cafes, bars, restaurants, children’s and sports grounds. The second problem is the need to pay for the Internet. Monthly fee for home Internet at a speed of 10 MB / s. in most countries ranges from $ 5 to $ 56. Given the low income of the majority of the world’s population, such spending is palpable. This problem will be solved by creating the possibility of connecting to a free Wi-Fi network around the world. It will only be enough to see a short promotional video (10-15 seconds). The third problem is the lack of money. Most of the inhabitants of the land have unrealized needs due to lack of necessary financial resources and would like to have additional sources of income. The solution to this problem – connecting to the platform Wi-Fi Global, you can start earning by connecting other users. For active people, the Wi-Fi Global project creates simple and understandable conditions for obtaining additional income through participation in our referral program. The level of earnings depends solely on the activity of the participant and the effectiveness of his actions. Thus, the project team will be able to make the Internet accessible to any person.

Wi-Fi Global ICO

Interested to participate? Visit the Wi-Fi Global website, read its whitepaper, or follow them on bitcointalk, FacebookTwitter, or Telegram.