Wonderverse Secures $2.5M in Funding to Help Spread of DAOs

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Wonderverse Secures $2.5M in Funding to Help Spread of DAOs
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Wonder offers the right infrastructure to DAOs to help scale easily and thus launch projects seamlessly on the native Web 3.0 platform.

San Francisco-based Wonderverse announced raising $2.5 million in funding just days ahead of its pre-launch. The company has its own Wonder tool designed specifically to increase global access to entrepreneurship.

Wonderverse Funding

Besides, it specializes in letting DAOs launch projects on a scale on a native Web 3.0 platform. The recently raised funds will go towards making this vision a reality. Some of the major contributors to this $2.5 million fundraise include Village Global, Chapter One, Spartan Group, Slow Ventures, and many more.

Wonder caters to the industry requirement by offering the infrastructure that will help DAOs to scale and win. It provides task management like workflow creation, permissions configuration, as well as transparent coordination between teams.

Besides, it also helps DAOs for collaborating and setting up tasks for onboarding. Interestingly, Wonder also brings gamified experiences via token rewards and social mechanisms. Speaking of this development, Wonder co-founder Andros Wong said:

“We believe the internet came out with the promise of connecting the world, and while that may have been true, it has come at a cost. Many of these platforms monetize our attention and make people addicted to consuming content instead of creating value”.

Partnering with DAOs on Flow

Wonder said that it plans to partner with several DAOs on Flow, the team behind the popular CryptoKitties. DAOs or decentralized autonomous organizations have seen a surge in demand with the expanding economies.

DAOs operate transparently without any centralized leadership while using community governance around a central mission. The DAO ecosystem in its entirety controls over $15 billion in the capital as of now. The market is likely to grow further with increasing demand.

Thus, offering the right tools to DAOs, Wonder is well-poised to gain additional market share. Explaining this, Adam Hayes, co-founder of Wonder said:

“DAOs will transform the status quo and be radically collaborative. DAOs are the perfect structure to organize everything from global problems like climate change to a teenager starting a side hustle with his friends. Our long-term vision at Wonder is to empower the next generation of builders, creators, and learners to not only find purpose but to create lasting impact through their projects”.

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