CoinList Launches cForm, Revolutionizing Community Engagement in Crypto

CoinList Launches cForm, Revolutionizing Community Engagement in Crypto

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CoinList Launches cForm, Revolutionizing Community Engagement in Crypto
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The decentralized cForm aims to eliminate issues associated with spam accounts on platforms like Google Forms.

CoinList, a renowned platform for crypto innovators, is elevating community-building strategies with the introduction of cForm. This new tool enables builders to swiftly establish on-chain whitelists, sign-up forms, or surveys, streamlining the process of attracting and validating community members.

With cForm, builders can also create crypto-native forms that verify on-chain wallets, social media accounts, and gather valuable information without requiring extensive engineering efforts. The tool ensures the quality of responses by validating inputs, preventing bot-driven entries, and enhancing the overall reliability of data.

Key use cases for cForm include incentivized testnet whitelists, grant program applications, access-gated signup forms based on on-chain activity, targeted airdrop audience curation, and community voting/surveys. The tool aims to eliminate issues associated with spam accounts on platforms like Google Forms, providing a more secure and efficient solution for crypto communities.

In a notable collaboration, Bondex, recognized as Web3’s counterpart to LinkedIn and a leader in the Web3 recruiting sector, has partnered with CoinList. The collaboration involves running an incentivized rewards program through CoinList to drive adoption of Bondex’s Job Portal. Users engaging in actions such as app downloads, professional profile updates, friend invitations, and referrals can qualify for community airdrops. Those signing up through CoinList may enhance their eligibility, receiving up to a 2x airdrop allocation by verifying their wallet address and social media accounts via cForm.

This advancement by CoinList marks another significant step in fostering high-quality community engagement within the crypto space, offering builders a versatile and efficient tool to grow and validate their communities.

CoinList Key Features

Last month, CoinList introduced its staking fund exclusively available to accredited investors in the United States. The newly launched CoinList staking fund presents an opportunity for investors to earn varied yields on their digital assets.

The initial lineup of supported digital assets includes Ethereum (ETH), boasting an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of approximately 3.76 percent, and Near (NEAR) with a competitive APY of 6.96 percent.

CoinList has plans to expand its staking fund offerings with the inclusion of additional digital assets in the near future. Among the altcoins in the pipeline are Agoric (BLD), Casper (CSPR), Flow (FLOW), Mina (MINA), Oasis (ROSE), Sui (SUI), and Threshold (T). Noteworthy is the commitment by CoinList to maintain APY rates for all listed digital assets within the range of 4 percent to 15 percent.

This initiative by CoinList reflects its ongoing efforts to provide diverse opportunities and investment options for accredited investors in the United States, aligning with the growing demand for staking services within the crypto space.

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