WONO Platform Claims To Have Unrivalled Blockchain Solution For P2P Economy

June 4th, 2018 at 12:07 pm UTC · 3 min read

WONO is unique because it’s an environment for earning and spending tokens, not just another blockchain-based clone of some successful off chain service. Users act as vendors and customers at the same time, and can never withdraw tokens staying in a tax-free and exchange-free zone, reducing their costs significantly.

The platform lets users monetize any asset they have including their own human resources as freelancers, and then spend on any physical or invisible asset of another user.

All other blockchain projects divide users into vendors and customers. If you’re a vendor, you earn and then have to withdraw tokens and exchange them, losing money and having no chance to spend them on the platform.

If you’re a customer, then you have to buy tokens on the exchange, having no chance to earn them on the platform. WONO has the different approach, as described above.

Also, WONO has got some cool unrivalled features. For example, a trusted deal lets you as a customer spend tokens which will be transferred to your account later, according to the smart contract you’ve signed as a vendor. Crowd insurance lets any user make a stake in successful deal termination.

If everything goes OK, you get your stake back, plus a bonus. If not, your stake goes as a compensation for the affected deal party.

Why WONO Won’t Fail as 70% of the ICO’s in 2017?

First, WONO team doesn’t risk inventing a completely new market. Sharing is something which really works but has disadvantages: high commissions, taxation for vendors, non-transparency of ratings and reviews and risk of deal cancellation. WONO solves these problems making sharing even more attractive.

Second, we’ve got a detailed roadmap and marketing strategy. We plan to begin market expansion from California, where sharing is a common thing and people clearly understand all disadvantages mentioned above. Also, we’ll work with the crypto audience which will be interested in cryptocurrency use in everyday life.

Third, our platform design makes user retention easier. If we acquire user as a vendor and he or she earns something on WONO, we’ll give many opportunities to spend them, and that would be cheaper than withdraw tokens and spend them elsewhere.

What’s Next?

WONO proof of concept release is scheduled for July. Shortly after that, the token crowdsale with 20M USD hard cap will take part. The market release will happen in spring, 2019.


Kirill Pyrev

[email protected]