World Blockchain Roadshow By IDACB In Seoul

Place/Date: - August 15th, 2018 at 6:30 pm UTC · 2 min read
Contact: IDACB press-office, Source: IDACB

This is the reason for creation of  World Blockchain Roadshow (WBRShow) – the greatest opportunity to extend the boundaries. The Asian tour is going on now and we have just visited Seoul (Korea).

The WBRShow meeting consisted of two pitch sessions when ICO teams presented their projects on various topics: video distribution, medicine, artwork identification, etc. Where also were coffee-breaks which were used by investors and ICO teams for networking mostly. The audience in Seoul was highly interested in presented projects. The teams got the highest scores and received partnership invitations after pitches.

Seoul entrepreneurs showed a great interest in IDACB FUND as well. They were fascinated by the IDACB FUND TOP 10 CRYPTO results which exceeded three times the bitcoin investment outcomes. The impossibility of the fund bankruptcy makes it even more attractive. Maxim Chereshnev, an IDACB International secretary, also mentions that the risk levels of investing in the IDACB FUND and in bitcoin are the same.

Trying to fill up with communication and new experiences every minute in Seoul, IDACB delegation also visited A Night in Gangnam organized by FBG. They managed to get in touch with more blockchain investors and ICO there and promote their own projects as well.

Seoul has much to offer blockchainers. This is a modern and fast-growing city where one can find free Wi-Fi everywhere and get lost in neon lights. It is one of the best places to come for attracting investors and extending a contact base. Meanwhile, the next (and the last Asian) destination is Tokyo. Do not lag behind!


IDACB is the largest International Decentralized Association on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. It’s the leading non-profit organization the concept of which is to connect crypto and blockchain community and various countries’ officials to work out a unifying approach for international legislation on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The influence of the Association is ensured by the participation of 90 countries.

WBRShow Asia is a pitching tour organized by IDACB to establish communication between trustworthy ICO teams and the best investors. ICO projects will present their ideas to more than 200 entrepreneurs of various Asian foundations striving to attract investors.