World’s Largest Cosplay Platform Built with Blockchain Technology

July 7th, 2018 at 8:00 pm UTC · 4 min read

Steam. Twitch. Comic-con. Names usually associated with these 3 behemoths are usually around trivial games, streams and conclaves of people. However, these 3 platforms are a part of a much larger community–both in terms of revenue and the sheer passion.

Cosplay – which is usually defined as an art of dressing up as a character from a film, comic or a video game. The market has witnessed an unprecedented growth in terms of revenue means big business not only for corporations and media houses but also artists, cosplayers and enthusiasts.

The growth is evident by mainstream adoption, large-scale involvement, popularity on Social Media websites and conventional media as well as growing revenues and the increase in the momentum of development.

There are, however, a few bottlenecks in the industry’s growth – all of which have somewhat tamed the growth of cosplay market and disappointed the passionate artists in the community.

Of those few problems, revenue sharing, value actualization and the transparency in the community are the major hurdles.

To address the issues and the challenges faced by the economy within the cosplay-sphere, Cure WorldCosplay has announced an ICO of their own to channel and become the de-facto currency of the cosplay economy. The experts bringing the Cosplay World on blockchain are themselves cosplay proponents and aim to solve the issues faced by the relatively nascent industry.

Built on the blockchain technology, Cosplay Token (COT) will be used as a payment currency within the Cure WorldCosplay ecosystem, helping cosplayers without access to online payment methods be tipped for their content.

The real value is created in the Cure Protocol – players will also be able to create and distribute their own personalised coin with COT. This unique feature will bring power back to cosplayers and enable them to monetize themselves easily among many other benefits.

Since the onset of COT service, the community platform has identified five major challenges facing the economy within the cosplay-sphere, which it intends to solve –

  • Sharing of content revenue – Allocating smart contracts for better revenue management. No copyright issues or revenue sharing hiccups.
  • Access to settlement accounts – No need for additional settlement accounts or bank accounts. Quicker fund access.
  • Transparency and trust – Better identification, evaluation and safe exposure.
  • Value actualization – Receive evaluation by users and perfect your craft. Valuable market insights that actually garner praise.
  • Globalization of information – No loss in translation and a true globalized sharing platform for all arts. Better global structure of art-sharing.

Additionally, using the Cure WorldCosplay ecosystem, players will be able to create and distribute their own personalised coin. This unique feature will help bring power back to cosplayers, enabling them to monetize themselves and their art. Using these coins, the interested audience can tip players, make purchases, and allow cosplayers to develop deeper relationships with their fanbase.

Currently, the ecosystem plans on issuing coins for payments, tips, incentives and reputation–making the platform a one-stop shop for cosplayers and fans. The approach also steers clear from third-party platforms and gives the power to the artists and the creators.

The features as well as the issue-addressal offers an amazing bevy of opportunity to the already massive community of cosplayers in Cure WorldCosplay.

The community platform has its own photo-sharing social platform is available in 12 different languages, with more than 720,000 members from over 180 countries sharing their quality work, which up until now amounts to over 6.5 million images and counting.

Additionally, the community platform has over 430K social media followers, with 250K likes on Facebook, 170K followers on Weibo and 13K on Twitter. These metrics can help one ascertain the strong response that the platform is getting from the cosplaying community.

The dates for the Cosplay Token sale will be revealed real soon, where it will introduce its radical market approach to develop and bolster the cosplay economy.

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