xHashtag: 360° Web3 Growth Automation Suite

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xHashtag: 360° Web3 Growth Automation Suite
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xHashtag has over 150k followers on Twitter and over 130k followers on its Telegram group that can be used to market other projects easily.

xHashtag, a 360-degree Web3 Growth Accelerator, is on a journey to revolutionize the internet through Web3 technology. The platform uses $XTAG coin as the governance and staking token. Using the power of community, backed by strong project liquidity, the platform has successfully bootstrapped and boosted communities of over 10 Web3 projects.

There is no proper way of defining Web3 but think of it as the next form of interaction decentralized from founders and other centralized institutions.

Notably, marketing is a key factor in the development of a startup, more so crypto-related since the industry is yet to fully mature. Moreover, research conducted last year showed approximately 100 million people are using the crypto market as of 2021.

Bringing together people scattered all over the world and convincing them to invest in certain projects takes time and resources. However, thanks to partners like KuCoin Labs, Exnetwork Capital, Titans Venture, ZBS Capital, Gate.io Labs, Panda Capital, Kirin Fund, AU21, and many more, the xHashtag project has made huge strides seamlessly.

Moreover, xHashtag has over 150k followers on Twitter and over 130k followers on its Telegram group that can be used to market other projects easily.

“Projects can utilize the xHashtag worker network to increase their community growth while rewarding the workers for completing incentivized tasks, where payouts are done on reaching a set threshold. As users add value, the threshold is reached, thus facilitating automated payouts, which benefit both the project and the workers. The tasks can be an on-chain task (an action on dApp that creates a tx) or an off-chain task (making a tweet or interacting in the telegram community),” the company told Coinspeaker.

Further Notes on xHashtag Project

By bootstrapping the necessary liquidity and treasury through Discounted Bond Sales and Single Asset Liquid Staking, xHashtag is able to further accelerate the Web3 development and adoption.

Notably, projects can sell bonds (tokens at a discounted price than market price) in exchange for LP tokens, thus increasing liquidity and allowing projects to own their liquidity and any fees generated. The tokens from the bond are released to the user as per the vesting schedule, usually 5-15 days based on the amount of discount.

Additionally, projects can also use the platform’s liquid staking feature to allow their users to stake their tokens. When tokens are staked, the user receives sToken, a staked yield-bearing derivative that can be moved around and used for other use cases, such as governance or as collateral for borrowing.

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