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Yachtify (YCHT) To Provide More Gains For Investors Than Klaytn (KLAY) Or Immutable (IMX) Did!

May 13th, 2023 at 4:38 am UTC · 3 min read

Yachtify (YCHT) To Provide More Gains For Investors Than Klaytn (KLAY) Or Immutable (IMX) Did!

Blockchain technology has enabled cryptocurrencies to significantly alter a number of industries, including banking and investing. And with Yachtify, blockchain technology may change one more industry – the yacht charter market! This innovation may generate excellent gains for early investors in this Stage One presale project, with some analysts even projecting a 500% return on investment (ROI)! Even Klaytn (KLAY) and Immutable (IMX) investors are looking at this presale star for long-term gains – let’s discover why!

Yachtify (YCHT) – A Rising Presale Hit

Yachtify will bring positive changes to the multi-billion dollar yacht charter market by creating the first exclusive yacht club built on the Ethereum blockchain where even low-income investors may become fractional owners of real-life luxurious yachts!

Investment opportunities on this decentralized platform will be minted as NFTs backed by the actual vessels and then fractionalized. Essentially, by buying parts of the NFT which will go for prices as low as $100 you will be investing in an actual yacht which is stored in a safe port! Yachtify will sell or rent this yacht to charter businesses and all the income that this generates will be redistributed to NFT holders depending on the percentage of their NFT ownership – excellent passive income opportunity!

The Yachtify native token will fuel this platform, bringing its holders perks such as price cuts on trading, maintenance and storage fees – for a current price of just $0.10! More price hikes are on the way as the presale is in Stage One, and experts predict that by its conclusion, Yachtify may rise to $0.60!

Security is another vital topic to investors, and the Yachtify team has also covered that area. With a liquidity seal that will last forever and a freeze on team tokens for three years after its launch, the Yachtify team will eliminate any rug-pulls from occurring! Plus, SolidProof already performed an audit of the token smart contract and it was passed with high marks!

If you are interested in this game-changing project that brings innovation, real-world utility and more – sign up for the presale now and reap the benefits!

Find out more about the Yachtify (YCHT): Join Presale, Website, Twitter, Telegram.

Klaytn (KLAY) Partners With SafePal

Recently, Klaytn (KLAY) announced that it has been integrated into the SafePal crypto wallet, benefiting both parties. This wallet has over 10 million users that may now access the Klaytn (KLAY) ecosystem while providing the Klaytn (KLAY) investors with a new wallet to store their assets.

However, this news did not impact the Klaytn (KLAY) token as it now trades hands at $0.201 with a market cap of $621M, down 7.31% in the last 24 hours. Moreover, the technical analysis for Klaytn (KLAY) also leaves a lot to be desired as both its moving averages and technical indicators are in the red.

Analysts have pointed to these charts as they predict Klaytn (KLAY) sinking to its support level of $0.182 by December 2023.

Immutable (IMX) Introduces Checkout

In recent developments, Immutable (IMX) revealed its new payment solution, Checkout. This latest transaction infrastructure will control the checkout process for any game or marketplace on the Immutable (IMX) network.

This news caused an increase of interest in the Immutable (IMX) token as its trading volume jumped by 7% overnight, reaching $27,980,365. Nevertheless, the Immutable (IMX) token value did not reflect this movement as it now sits at $0.7695 which is a dip of 6% in the past day alone.

Another cause for concern is the Immutable (IMX) technical analysis which displays all technical indicators showing strong sell signals. With this bearish trend continuing, experts predict Immutable (IMX) may soon fall to its support level of $0.70.

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