Aofex Virtual Mining: Giving Crypto Investors Sustainable Earning Avenue

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by Benjamin Godfrey · 3 min read Virtual Mining: Giving Crypto Investors Sustainable Earning Avenue
Photo: offers a virtual mining service with the potential to grant investors a sustainable source of earning alternative income., one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges around offers a virtual mining service with the potential to grant investors a sustainable source of earning alternative income. The entire cryptocurrency industry which gained wide prominence in the past decade has many established ways by which enthusiasts can make a fortune.

Most notably are cryptocurrency investors, including the big money guys who pump money to promote early-stage cryptocurrency projects through Initial Coin Offerings which yields returns as the project gains more prominence. Other viable means of actively earning in the cryptosphere amongst others include cryptocurrency trading as well as pumping enough revenue into setting up a mining farm.

While the cryptosphere is replete with a lot of ways to earn, a challenge presents itself and that is the fact that such avenues either require technical expertise or a huge amount of money that is practically not convenient for the average retail investor. This challenge is what Virtual mining is here to solve.

Overview and Advantages of Virtual Mining virtual mining offering in which investors purchase a virtual miner through which they earn a certain token percentage daily. The earnings from the virtual miner is currently remitted through the MINEX tokens that can conveniently be converted either into Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or any other token supported by the cryptocurrency exchange.

As indicated on the vmining page, for every miner an investor purchases, about 90-85% of the entire Bitcoin funds are used to buy support for the Minex tokens in Minex/BTC trade pair. virtual mining has some outstanding advantages which help it distinguish itself in the competitive virtual mining market. These advantages are outlined below:

  • Ease of Use: as noted earlier, getting involved with the virtual mining services does not require any special mining expertise. Everything takes place online at the comfort of the investor’s home. The platform particularly is designed with fluid user experience at its core and with just a few clicks, anyone can get started.
  • Affordable Packages: As of today, virtual mining can be kickstarted with barely $300. The service offers four packages to suit investors no matter the size of their pockets. Despite the affordability of the packages, the lowest which is the Micro package earns the investor about $4.23 per day while the highest the VIP gives a guaranteed earning of approximately $3527.44.
  • Reliability: it is widely acclaimed that the exchange has not been hacked since inception in 2014, a feature other exchanges are unable to boast of with the currently ravaging cases of hacking. The security of the exchange lends further credence to the reliability of the Virtual Mining service.

User Review and Getting Started

The wide acclaim of the mining offering has earned commendable user reviews some of which are published on social media platforms including YouTube. The YouTube channel that goes by the name Beyond10x with about 14.7k subscribers gave a comprehensive review of the virtual mining investment opportunity describing as “very profitable,” a stance that was complemented by an even larger crypto-based YouTube channel Crypto Fiend.

With more ways coming enticing new investors on a daily basis, a smart move may entail pitching a tent with such with adequate information and user’s confirmations as’s Vmining.

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