Zoksh Aims to Become Revolutionary Web3 Payments System by Being Easy to Use and Affordable

November 14th, 2022 at 11:10 am UTC · 4 min read

Zoksh Aims to Become Revolutionary Web3 Payments System by Being Easy to Use and Affordable
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With all of the advancements being made in emerging technologies such as cryptocurrencies, NFTs, blockchain and the metaverse these days, there is a clear need for a reliable payment system for the Web3 era. Zoksh aims to be that system, as it looks to revolutionize Web3 payments by creating a simple to use, affordable and easily deployable payment system that is also highly decentralized, transparent and accessible to all.

Important Details

Zoksh is in the process of developing the ideal Web3 payments infrastructure layer. With a single integration, projects can gain access to fiat ramps, subscriptions, online payments, and much more. Users can also pay with 1000+ currencies across 8+ blockchains, as well as multiple fiat currencies. The fees are also as low as $0.25.

With Zoksh, users can accept payments anytime, anywhere and in any currency. As a truly no-code payments system, Zoksh helps individuals establish their businesses without any hurdles. Setting up is also done quickly and effectively, and users can even get an account of all their payments received from the very first day.

Moreover, because Zoksh wants businesses to go global, the platform is built to work with any currency, crypto or fiat. Users are hence given complete control over their payments thanks to no-code integration, non-custodial setup, and real-time settlement. Zoksh also expands alongside users’ businesses and the system helps to simplify transactions.

Democratic payments are also available, allowing businesses to become financially independent and in charge. This results in a convenient and robust setup that is ready to scale and is agnostic for both currencies and businesses. Finally, a fully optimized dashboard assists users in strategizing, simplifying, and tracking their payments and transactions. All users need to do is generate the Zoksh button in just a few taps from the dashboard, paste a simple code on their payments page, and start accepting payments.

What Else Is There to Know?

The Zoksh Payment Gateway assists the payment system in providing users with some of the best tools for making their business easier and more efficient. Zoksh accepts payments from customers all over the world and incorporates a suite of payment optimization, security, and compliance features to ensure a positive and memorable checkout experience. All of the different transactions will thus be managed and monitored by a single payment gateway and payment processor, thereby providing enhanced effectiveness and simplicity.

There is also the Zoksh OnRamp Solution, which enables users to buy crypto directly from their website or app without having to worry about the payment method. Zoksh is an onramp aggregator that combines major onramps into a single, user-friendly solution.

Moreover, Zoksh has a number of notable entities who helped fund the fundraising seed round. These include Big Brain Holdings, Orange DAO, Balaji S, Priyank Gill, Ajeet Khurana, Nishcal Shetty, and various other funds, angel investors and entrepreneurs. Zoksh has also won several awards such as the NEAR Accelerator, Polygon Leap, multiple hackathons and was even listed in the YourStory & Builders Tribe’s list of top Web3 innovations and was additionally selected for the Binance Accelerator. Zoksh also has some key partners like Supra Oracles, RSK, and Router Protocol.

In terms of past accomplishments, Zoksh is currently live with over 15 clients and more than 150 are on the waitlist. Apart from the aforementioned partnerships, awards and grants, Zoksh successfully closed the seed round and opened the post seed round as well. The fiat ramp aggregator was also launched along with multiple on-chain payment solutions. Regarding future goals, the team will focus on adding over 500 clients and partners, launching their token, SDKs, hackathons and bounties to onboard developers and successfully create a viable ecosystem of applications built on Zoksh.

About Zoksh

Previously known as MooPay, Zoksh is a blanket term beneath which the team sees all of their financial products and services combining and flourishing. ZokshPay is the first payment gateway, and more Zoksh products and services are always in the works. Essentially, Zoksh provides blockchain-based payments and business solutions for commerce purposes.

The team previously announced that they have already connected and consulted their investors, advisors, and partners, further stating that they are satisfied with the rebranding and enthusiastic about what is being built on the revolutionary Web3 payments system. In a nutshell, Zoksh is addressing a real-world issue, as the team recognizes the importance of decentralized, blockchain-based payment rails now more than ever. They believe that no matter what new innovations Web3 introduces, payments will be at the heart of them.

For more information, visit the official website along with the Medium, Twitter, Discord and Telegram channels for regular updates.

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