ZTZ️ Is the Underlying Infrastructure of the Metaverse

April 14th, 2022 at 1:30 pm UTC · 5 min read

ZTZ️ Is the Underlying Infrastructure of the Metaverse
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The underlying logic of the meta universe is blockchain, which is also believed to be the ultimate form of the Internet, a beautiful new world, something that can change gaming, social interaction, and even the way of life for all mankind. As a digital virtual world of people’s lives, it is closely related to people’s game, social interaction, creation and other needs. As the process of digitalization accelerates, more and more people are willing to devote more time to participate in the virtual world, Playing games, experiencing, socializing, creating, entertaining and shopping in the virtual world is a window for people to break through the physical limitations and a dwelling place to achieve higher dimensional freedom. This is the source of the vitality of the Metaverse that will maintain rapid development!

The current Internet can only realize the transmission of information, but not the circulation of value. According to the property rights theory of new institutional economics, The key to the realization of an efficient value network lies in “the certainty and exclusiveness of property rights of information data” (the definition of property right) and “the transferability and maneuverability” (free transaction) on the network. Among them, the definition of property rights requires authentication of identity and confirmation of value data, and free transaction requires the protection of identity privacy and the authorization of the value data. Metaverse is essentially a virtualized and digitized process of the real world, which needs a lot of transformation of content production, economic system, user experience and content of the physical world. In addition, the meta universe is the transmission of value, and the nature of NGN is the connection of value.

The reason why the meta-universe has become a trend or a hot spot today, or that it can exist forever, What’s more important is to have the following attributes: sustainability, real-time, compatibility, economic attributes, connectivity and creativity. We will explain them one by one, so that you can fully understand the value points and opportunity points of the virtual world of the future – the meta universe.

The Metaverse is a new type of Internet application and social form that integrates many new technologies and integrates virtual and real. Based on the extended reality technology to provide immersive experience, based on digital twin technology to generate the mirror image of the real world, based upon ZTZ new block chain technology to build a meta-universe economic system, The virtual world will be closely integrated with the real world in the economic system, social system, identity system, and allow each user to produce content and edit the world, the real sense of the meta-universe into the public eye.

ZTZ is a high-speed commercial decentralized public chain based on DAG technology, aiming to become the underlying infrastructure of the future Metaverse commerce. ZTZ has the advantages of fast transaction speed and low fee. ZZ public chain will focus the blockchain business application ecology in the field of Metaverse, NFT and DAO, The entire ecosystem of ZTZ will be fully developed by DAO and all passes will be delivered to the community in order to maximize the benefits of the community.

ZTZ️ Is the Underlying Infrastructure of the Metaverse

ZTZ was born to make it very convenient for people to carry out business in the Metaverse, NFT. ZTZ will form a large and creative autonomous community of DAO, which can meet the requirements of decentralization, It also has better financial attributes. It is committed to building and building an economic system with Token + NFT as the circulation medium and value anchor. It aims to complete the beautiful ideal that is impossible in the real world on the blockchain.

The fundraising channel of ZTZ ecology will continue to open, supporting users to obtain passes and NFT in the way of donations. Users hold ZZT passes to jointly govern the ecology, To create a blockchain financial ecosystem based on NFT and meta universe, to realize virtual and network interconnection. By combining people, processes, data and things, network connectivity becomes more relevant and valuable.

However, there is no single technology in the world called “Metaverse,” which is composed of combinations and upgrades of existing technologies. We can think of it as a “3D version of the Internet.” In the eyes of the industry, the meta universe will become the development goal of the next-generation Internet for a long time, which depends on the core technology breakthrough, technology evolution and change in the underlying technology and computing power.

Therefore, from the big direction of development, the meta universe will not only rely on blockchain technology can be achieved. But blockchain technology will be one of the core technologies of the meta universe. At present, blockchain related projects have appeared in various fields in the Metaverse plate. Understanding the development and planning of blockchain can give us a preliminary glimpse of the vision of the Meta-universe.