Zubie Launches ZINC, an Open API Platform for the ‘Internet of Cars’

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by Zhanna Lyasota · 3 min read
Zubie Launches ZINC, an Open API Platform for the ‘Internet of Cars’
The ZinC Open API unleashes the power of the connected car for developers and businesses. Photo: Zubie Inc.

Zubie introduces a platform for the Internet of Cars.

Zubie, a connected-car application that provides location tracking, driver scoring, alert and location sharing services, has created an open API platform ZinC (Zubie for the Internet of Cars).

“With Zubie, cars can talk. And the ZinC developer platform lets them be heard. The ZinC Open API unleashes the power of the connected car for developers and businesses,” says the platform’s website.

Foremost, a new platform ZinC can be used to build applications for fuel economy, driving improvement, trip sharing, parking, smart/connected home functionality and other ways to enhance a connected life. Besides, one can develop business-focused applications & integrations to simplify fleet management, integrate with expense and billing platforms, power car-sharing services and aid vertical-specific needs. Moreover, one can create pattern-based analytical modules – such cases as predictive vehicle repair costs and driving patterns.

“The Internet of Cars industry is growing, but there is still much more to be tapped. ZinC opens a door for new players to enter and create applications that help small businesses and consumers, ultimately moving the market opportunity forward. There is an immense amount of interest from developers to create ZinC, and we look forward to seeing what they do with this technology,” said Tim Kelly, CEO of Zubie.

Multitude of developers and partners such as Openbay and Urgent.ly have already registered for the ZinC platform in its beta release that launched in November 2014.

“Zubie’s ZinC platform is well positioned to provide a host of services to consumers to offer convenience and value. Openbay’s nationwide network of automotive service providers will provide Zubie users the ability to receive repair and maintenance quotes from local shops, book appointments, and pay through the Openbay platform,” said Rob Infantino, CEO and founder of Openbay.

The Zubie API allows developers and engineers to build innovative third-party applications and service integrations on top of Zubie’s existing connected-car platform, extending the value of connected-car data into the broader Internet of Cars ecosystem.

Besides, the API provides partners and developers secure and managed access to vehicle diagnostics, location, trip activity and driving data from Zubie’s fully certified and hardened platform. Customers, small businesses, wireless carriers, insurance and automotive businesses in the U.S. and Germany can use this real-time information to enhance their experience or services.

Furthermore, developers can benefit from proprietary analytical models that are derived from Zubie’s existing global base of connected-cars that have tracked hundreds of millions of driving miles.

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