‘0110’ Asia Techland 2023

May 17th, 2023 at 10:21 pm UTC · 3 min read

Get ready to meet the collaboration of cutting-edge technology at “TEP x OIIO” ASIA TECHLAND 2023 – “The Best Living Tech Experience in Asia” on May 25-28 2023 with the concept of “Bring the Future Living” at Siam Paragon, Royal Paragon Hall, 5th Floor.

'0110' Asia Techland 2023

K.Chatpawee Trichatchavalwong (Cee) attended and took us on a privileged virtual tour of the most exciting Influential Tech Event in the World, CES. But this 25 – 28 May 2023, “OIIO THAILAND TECHLAND” will bring it all to a live event. Be a part of this exclusive experience, get closer to the emerging technology on the Royal Paragon Hall, 5th Floor, Siam Paragon Shopping Center.

Here and now, the event is associated with two different industries of Social Lab Co., Ltd., a media and technology expert, and the Thai Real Estate Association, the largest network of real estate alliances in Thailand. Aiming to present an integration of technology into real estate to elevate next-level living for more premium comfortable lifestyle, safety, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and sustainable living.

We are bringing on numerous international business partners to awaken the technology innovation industry in Asia and elevate the real estate industry to grow by leaps and bounds through adapting the technology into the way of life.

Coming up with fully packed innovative booths globally featuring the real estate leader with a variety of living solutions, diverse speakers sharing their visions and discussing the problem & solution according to the concept of 0110.

The 01 represents a citizen who would like to explore the new technology while 10 represents an innovation leader from the public & private corporate or even a new business model.

The organizer’s strong aim is to make this event presenting the most emerging cutting edge technology of smart living solutions to level up well-being globally. All attendees will get into an extraordinary experience that can adapt to your life or business first and foremost.

  • Tech-Showcase: Booths, Activities, Showcases related to living, health, safety and liveable from startups, private and public companies globally more than 120 booths.
  • Conference Hall Zone: Meet with our expert speakers in the era of real estate and technology experiencing exclusive speeches and discussion throughout 4 days. A pitching session from a selected pitching team in the contest of the technology furniture supported by DIPROM PATHFINDER which the prototype will be produced and placed in the market by Index Living Mall. Free entrance for this zone.
'0110' Asia Techland 2023
  • 15 Rooms of Tech Experience: A “Problem” of 01 and a “Solution” from 10 in “The 15 Rooms”. Offering problem solving solutions on the “Root Cause” of Asians. Presenting TESLA SUIT, AI Shrine, Robotic Cookers, Godly IoT protector, and more to explore.
'0110' Asia Techland 2023
  • Future Food Court: Meet with the “Future Foodcourt” with the robotendy for the “Naiauan Yentafo Michelin Star”, “Sappe Future Bar” and “Ice Cream Food Truck”. Come and try if the robotics will cook better than a human.
  • Experiencing the new edge cutting technology: Experience a new way of Photo Booth with the “Hands-Free Social ”, a new solution of photo taken for the GEN-Z and joining the new experience of Interactive-Museum, Token Collection Activities and more activities to win rewards. Experiencing while enjoying our event!
  • Games and Special Gifts: A special gift worth more than 500,000 THB from Top Technology Brands, such as M3 Online, Ebo Air, Obsbot Me, MiNo+, Barisieur, and many more. Register now and get a chance to win the gift throughout 4 days.
'0110' Asia Techland 2023

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