0xMahjong NFT to Commence Free Mint, Mahjong Meta Game Anticipates Funding Exceeding Ten Million Dollars

May 26th, 2023 at 2:56 pm UTC · 4 min read

0xMahjong NFT to Commence Free Mint, Mahjong Meta Game Anticipates Funding Exceeding Ten Million Dollars

After a half-month Beta period, the blockchain-based Riichi Mahjong esports project, Mahjong Meta, will launch the free minting of its first Pass NFT on the Ethereum network on May 27.

Users holding this NFT will receive continuous rights and interests throughout all stages of Mahjong Meta’s development. Known rewards include various types of NFT and the first airdrop of future governance tokens, etc. This Pass series is a thank you to early community users of Mahjong Meta for their support.

0xMahjong is the genesis collection of Mahjong Meta and the beginning project of Janshi Club Collections. 1,500 of 0xMahjong shows 144 different traditional Mahjong tiles and 6 sides of dice in modern design, reflects the original spirits and cultural signatures of Mahjong game.

Mahjong Meta promises that all issued Pass NFTs are free to mint. There are also various Free to Play modules set up in the game. The project hopes to allow mahjong game lovers to join the Mahjong Meta community without any barriers and enjoy mahjong esports. The economic system of Mahjong Meta revolves around the principle of Proof of Contribution, and an Active Points System is set up in the game to reward players who contribute value to the community at each stage.

Brice Vong, the main planner of Mahjong Meta and co-founder of Rolling Dice Labs, has years of investment experience in the entertainment industry and game industry at Tencent Games and other investment institutions. Vong said:

“The reason for choosing Mahjong as the first product of Rolling Dice Labs is that the team believe that Mahjong, a game based on strategy and probability, has a natural beauty in mathematics. The fun of strategy, social interaction, deduction, and cultural symbols has been time-tested. Mahjong Meta aims to create a blockchain-based Riichi Mahjong esports community and mahjong theme park co-built with players, backed by blockchain-based asset confirmation and ownership economy, following the philosophy of Play to Own & Skill to Earn.”

In Mahjong Meta, global mahjong enthusiasts will be able to prove their skills through various modes such as ranking matches, tournaments, championship, etc. Under an achievement-oriented mechanism, they can also receive various rewards such as NFT, season bonuses, competition bonuses, governance currency pool, etc. Mahjong Meta’s newly original Tama Master gameplay combines the mathematical logic of Mahjong with customized AI strategic thinking, allowing different NFT skill card combinations to reflect each player’s understanding of mahjong strategies and tactics, and to conduct automatic mahjong battles to verify the effectiveness of strategies. Tama Master is a new derivative gameplay of Mahjong with a lower threshold of participation, less time requirement, and more efficient competition. In current tests, it has been widely welcomed by non-East Asian traditional mahjong players. In the future, there will be various derivative innovative gameplays in Mahjong Meta, including Mahjong Challenge matches, Mahjong Battle Royal, and Duet Battles, fulfilling the goal of creating a Mahjong culture blockchain theme park.

Mahjong Meta is expected to officially start services in the summer of 2023. Currently, users can directly enter the game for BETA testing on the official website.

The game design, community concept, economic model, and team of Mahjong Meta have been acknowledged by several investors, including Folius, Meteorite labs, and Parallel Ventures. Coupled with an angel round investment, the total financing exceeds ten million dollars. The main investor in this round, Folius, was founded by Mr. Jason Kam. Its past investment projects include representative web3 projects such as StepN, NEAR, Nanse, Scroll, etc. Meteorite Labs is a research-oriented web3 investment institution set up in Tokyo. It is also an early investor in web3 projects including StepN, Fusionist, Serum, Aki Protocol, and Rss3. Parallel Ventures was established in 2018. It focuses on Web3 infrastructures and innovative applications, investing in projects including Conflux, Cobo, Keystone, Impossible Finance, etc.

About Rolling Dice Labs

Rolling Dice Labs is a web3 gaming startup created by former Tencent and Netease employees. With Mahjong Meta they intend to nurture a community of mahjong lovers while offering a stable and secure game environment. Mahjong fans may now test their talents in novel gameplay modes and compete for rewards in stakes.

For further information, visit Mahjong Meta’s Website and follow them on Twitter for updates.


Brice Vong, Founder

[email protected]

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