10 Most Anticipated Gamefi to Be Launched in 2022

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10 Most Anticipated Gamefi to Be Launched in 2022
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Have a look at our list of the 10 most anticipated Gamefi projects to be launched in 2022.

There is no doubt that the blockchain industry anticipates the launch of a handful of Gamefi projects in 2022. These anticipations have been triggered by the promising intriguing features they tend to provide players with. As lovers of blockchain-based gaming platforms, we are sure you wouldn’t like to miss out on this update. Here are 10 upcoming Gamefi projects that are apparently on the closest watch in 2022.


Among the list of most anticipated MMORPGs that have been the major highlights in the blockchain space is Gala Games. Mirandus has been able to trigger great anticipation in the blockchain industry due to the unique potential it tends to feature after launch.

Mirandus features an ecosystem whereby each of its is owned by a corporation, guild or individual player. Moreso, Gala Games offers a vibrant world full of animals, monsters and 5 kingdoms. An interesting part of the game is that the genesis of the story is dependent on the player. Here, Kings can wage war, while merchants and artisans try to make the most of it. Players can continue their adventures, selling their resources to shopkeepers or completing jobs at the request of other players. It’s too early to tell, but 2022 could be a big year for Mirandus.

Ember Sword

Here is another highly anticipated Gamefi in the industry which has seen Bright Star Studios putting so much effort into its development for a long time. Nonetheless, Bright Star Studios has been able to complete a land sale so far. Ember Sword is an action-packed role-playing game that features a design that allows players to kill monsters, collect resources and trade items.

Ember Sword saw a little delay in its development process as the team decided to move their assets to Immutable X. Despite this, the action-packed role-playing game is still very intriguing. The industry is hopeful that there might be a launch of the early version of the game in 2022 as more land sales are expected in the same year.


The industry awaits the debut of WorldWideWebb as one of the most open meta-sectional worlds to add interesting spice to the blockchain space. WorldWideWebb has proven to be extremely promising as it integrates with many NFT projects including CryptoPunks, CyberKongz, LarvaLads and MoonCats. WorldWideWebb reflects the potential to allow landowners to integrate their own games and services.

Moreso, the team behind the development of the project envisions a future where anyone can enable or integrate dapps in WorldWideWebb. WorldWideWebb is an easily accessible virtual pixel world that basically features a concept of Interoperability.


MeGame is a game-based metaverse development studio invested by the famous CG animation listed company IMAGI STUDIOS and established by senior game workers. ZooWar is the first metaverse game they designed and presented.

The game is a Zoo-Themed competitive metaverse game with elements of Gamefi NFT, Staking and DAO, the first phase of the game will be shown in the form of card game, the Phase2 they will be running in the form of MMORPG. Players can travel in the vast world of the zoo, feel the unexperienced animal vision!


Another Gamefi that has managed to attract high enthusiasm from blockchain users is Mist, an online action RPG that is based on the Binance Smart Chain. The game features certain quests and defeating monsters that challenge players while placing them on the verge of either winning or losing NFT rewards.

The native token of the platform is MIST which also provides a system for players to generate more revenue. In addition to pure gameplay action, the team promises the ability to generate farm MIST through gameplay holding and using NFTs can boost your pledge and farming earnings while also providing in-game revenue. This provides all users of the Mist ecosystem with valuable features of these assets.

Cradles: Origin of Species

This is another gaming project that could not have been exempted from the list of most anticipated Gamefi to be launched in 2022. Cradles is an innovative blockchain role playing game that gives its players planets to develop in due specified period. One of the interesting yet challenging parts of the game is that it offers greater rewards to players depending on how soon they enter its featured dangerous chaos of the world.

The gaming project features a model that obligates players into causing the world to be in order. The project’s NFT adopts the new token standard of ERC-3664. This implies that when players fail to intervene, the NFT is at the verge of falling into chaos and perishing. The NFTs owned by players on the platform are represented by plants. One of the core features of Cradles is that it prioritizes and places importance on the concept of game world and community ownership.

World Eternal Online

The World Eternal Online gaming platform has triggered lots of interest towards its launch as it promises to provide players with a fantasy MMORPG world filled with raiding leaders to kill, dungeons to crawl through, and loot to collect.

The economy of this MMO will comprise trade and crafting, the cities in this gaming space will become vibrant social hubs. New areas, quests and dungeons are created based on player cooperation. Players will also have the opportunity to acquire licenses of crafting, Heroic NFTs, and land deeds during the sales events set to happen soon.

Guild of Guardians

The Immutable’s team apparently has one of the most hyped mobile games of the year on their hands and this includes Guild of Guardians. Guild of Guardians is an action role-playing game that features a guild where players can work together to defeat dungeons, collect loot and destroy raid leaders. Players who join this guild will get the chance to spend and utilize the resources offered to them on production. The development team behind this project has their focuses on encouraging the concept of player’s collaboration. It appears that players are also working hard for this, as Guild of Guardians NFT has been very much in need of free trading on Immutable X.

Gaia Everworld

This is another fantasy gaming space that is deemed worthy of being included on the list of the most anticipated Gamefi in the blockchain industry. Although the project is still in its initial stage of development, it promises an intriguing gaming system that has triggered a closer watch. Gaia Everworld features a gaming section where players can build their own kingdoms, explore the land, fight monsters, collect items and raise pets. They have just launched Gaia Warriors for sale on the Binance NFT marketplace, and players can also buy lands in Gaia. There are predictions that the Gaia world will be a place of extreme conflicts, meanwhile, the good part is that the platform will deploy special safe zones where players will be able to execute peaceful trades and also socialize without conflicts.

Dungeon Universe

Looking at the aforementioned gaming projects and the unique models they tend to feature, there is no doubt that the blockchain industry will experience a buzzing wave of intriguing and exciting gaming projects in 2022. It is more interesting to note that these gaming platforms will offer players the opportunity to generate income while having fun.

However, Dungeon Universe will be the next gaming project to conclude our list of the 10 most anticipated Gamefi to be launched in 2022. To briefly explain the Dungeon Universe and the model it features, the gaming platform is a fantasy MMORPG that allows players to collect weapons and armor alongside unique spells and recipes.

Furthermore, the Dungeon Universe provides players with housing and pets, while providing them with the opportunity to explore, and venture into dungeons. In Dungeon Universe, players can as well team up for epic raids. Although the MMORPG will be free, players who intend to leverage the financial benefits of the gaming space would be required to subscribe to a $20 premium package.

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