1World Online Announces Public Pre-Sale for Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Helping to Increase User Interactivity and Gamification on the 1World Platform

Place/Date: PALO ALTO, Calif. - September 15th, 2017 at 1:29 pm UTC · 4 min read
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1World Online, the Blockchain powered engagement and revenue platform for publishers and brands, announced today the public pre-sale for its Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The public pre-sale formally opened on Sept. 7, 2017 with discounted rates of purchase for the 1World (1WO) tokens through Oct. 5, 2017, continuing with the public sale until Nov. 6, 2017.

Since its inception in 2011, 1World Online has grown to be one of the most innovative, widely recognized engagement and revenue platforms for publishers and brands across the globe. Currently, 1World Online hosts up to 1.5 monthly participants, across 12 million total users resulting in more than 47 million votes and counting. As part of this success, 1World Online has a perceptive view of consumer demands and insights online; therefore, understanding the industry’s need for 1WO tokens to increase online engagement powered by blockchain technology.

“We are thrilled to announce our own tokens and pending ICO. For our business model, blockchain was the next natural progression by helping to increase engagement, gamification, and monetization options online,” said Alex Fedosseev, Founder and CEO of 1World Online. “Our customers, publishers, services and brands will both immediately and overwhelming witness an uptick in interactivity of their already successful 1World campaigns. We’re providing a truly win-win-win model between users, publishers and services offered to them. There will be no more conflict between positive, interactive user experiences and monetization via ads and other services on websites.”

1WO token is an internal cryptocurrency circulated inside the ecosystem that 1World Online has created. All payments inside such ecosystem will be conducted via 1WO tokens. For a convenient exchange of 1WO tokens into fiat and other popular cryptocurrencies various options will be supported.

Fedosseev continued, “We look forward to seeing the industry respond to our ICO and hope customers support the discounted pre-sale of our tokens. 1World is committed to the success of publishers and retailers online and strongly believes tokens will increase and incentivize our already impressive user base.”

Users of the 1World platform will receive 1WO tokens for their participation which can be redeemed for a host of new perks – from subscriptions to packaged goods – all at no surcharge or added fees.

The new model introduced by 1World will give readers on participating sites an option to either see advertising and be rewarded for it, or opt-out and spend 1WO tokens earned via engagement to unlock content created by publishers.

Highlights of the 1World Online ICO include:

 ·         Up to $50M of 1WO Tokens are offered for sale at an initial $1.00 USD price

·         Purchases at the discounted price are as follows:

o   25 percent discount on tokens from Sept. 7 to Sept. 14, 2017

o   20 percent discount on tokens from Sept. 14 to Sept. 21, 2017

o   15 percent discount to tokens from Sept. 21 to Sept. 28, 2017

o   10 percent discount to tokens from Sept. 28 to Oct. 5, 2017

·         The issuance of 1WO currency is capped at 160 million tokens lifetime and no additional emissions are planned

·         Minimum ICO target will be set as $5M; if the minimum cap is not met or exceeded, then all pre-invested capital is to be returned within one month after the ICO completion

To learn more about the 1World Tokens and to buy pre-sale Tokens, please visit:  1World-ICO

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 About 1World Online

1World Online provides brands and publishers with simple but effective engagement applications, unique engaging content, ongoing market research, online advertising and promotion capabilities, as well as insightful end-user analytics. 1World Online is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Palo Alto, CA, on the East Coast in the U.S., as well as Europe, India, Japan and Ukraine.

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