New Generation Payment System Credo Makes Everyday Shopping Easier

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by Konstantin Lazarev · 2 min read

Credo, a system acting as an agent between the buyer of goods and the seller, easily adapts to the requirements of regulatory bodies in any country of the world.

The history of this project begins in 2010 when the idea how to make easier every day shopping was born. Konstantin Galibus, Credo CEO & Founder, made the first model of the processing system in 2012 and in 2016 he already had an intellectual Russian patent for the method of using Electronic Certificates as derivatives in commercial transactions.

«CREDO is a ready financial instrument, combining two markets: classic financial and new crypto currency. The system easily adapts to the requirements of regulatory bodies in any country of the world. The system acts as an agent between the buyer of goods and the seller. The main unit of account in CREDO system is a Derivative, under which the parties (buyer and seller) assume the right or obligation to perform certain actions with respect to the underlying asset», – says Konstantin Galibus, CEO & Founder, Russia.

The advanced business model CREDO provides the opportunities to work not only as a provider of payment transactions, but also as a provider of crypto currency and credit transactions; transactions of sale of tangible assets. The expected internal rate of return on equity of the investor of CREDO on the horizon of 4-5 years will exceed 85% per annum. At this moment CREDO is gathering the investments for the turnover to create new Operator in the system for B2C (cashforward requires investments on the first phase) and to do system improvements.

“If you have a look at the Whitepaper in details, you will find that CREDO is a product that combines the most advanced technologies. We published the Component model to make it clear that CREDO is an absolutely technically and legally ended system. We are not declaring the idea of a wonderful future – we are already working and making business. Such countries as UAE, Spain, Russia already use the system as a payment instrument”, – continues Konstantin Galibus.

We have different approach than other crypto-companies. Credo sells retail licence where all investors will become co-founder of a specially created business unit with the Operator’s powers and will be entitled to regular payments of dividends.

As we mentioned above our project already successfully works around the world and gets positive feedback from different communities. Credo is a real project from the real sector. We would like to proof the idea by running selling of the goods with cruptocurrencies.

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Konstantin Lazarev
Co-Founder & CIO Konstantin Lazarev

Konstantin has always been at the forefront of the global virtual currency scene since first discovering cryptocurrencies the same year that Satoshi Nakomoto created bitcoin in 2009. Konstantin is the owner of a number of small businesses in trucking and mobile development, and co-founded CoinSpeaker in 2014. He graduated from Belarusian State University in 2009 with a degree in Mathematics and Mechanics. You can contact Konstantin via [email protected]

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