Top 5 Growth Catalysts for Fintech Apps

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Top 5 Growth Catalysts for Fintech Apps
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Here are 5 of the catalysts which help fintech apps to grow.

Given the rate of progression in all things technological and innovative, it will come as no surprise that new apps are constantly being developed and released which people use in their everyday lives. Fintech apps are one type which are becoming incredibly popular, as they help users with many aspects of their finances, such as banking and money transfers.

Professional Interface/Graphics

Developing excellent graphics and a professional interface for a fintech app is essential in making it look appealing to customers. People take their finances seriously, so they want an app which has excellent functionality yet is quick and easy to use.

Even having a memorable thumbnail in the app store can make a difference by standing out to browsing customers, and professional graphics indicate that the app has been well thought out and designed with the user’s needs in mind.


Fintech apps in particular require the most innovative ideas to become successful and grow. This is because they must improve an area of someone’s financial life which has previously been inefficient or time consuming.

There would not be much use for an app which simply mimics the services of a bank, for instance. It would have to improve on these services, such as offering quicker money transfers/better interest rates, to be of use to a customer.


There is no doubt that marketing is hugely important for an app to prosper in today’s nonstop world. Any app which does not stand out from the crowd will be swallowed by the sea of stagnating mediocre apps.

Therefore, developers need to use professional marketing methods such as App Store Optimisation and product testing to reach their target audience and generate the interest the app needs to gain momentum. Once a fintech app has a reputation, more and more people will become interested in the unique service it offers.

Phone Security

Most phones around nowadays have excellent security features which enable many fintech apps to be as safe as they need to be. Since most will contain sensitive financial details, phone security is important to the many customers who wish to protect these.

App security is also important in this sense, and features such as automatic logouts and password protected accounts can make a big difference in emphasising how safe the app is.

Faster Internet Speeds

Finally, faster internet speeds have been crucial for companies like ETX Capital, who have developed mobile trading apps which rely on up to date and accurate data being delivered instantaneously, sometimes on a second by second basis.

Rapid internet speeds are now commonplace, and in many cases, have been essential in maximising an app’s usefulness to customers. This will no doubt enable even more advanced fintech apps to be developed, which provide users with the most up to date and accurate financial information.

It is worth noting that every fintech app is different, and each requires bespoke strategies to aid its growth. Even though technology is progressing at such an unprecedented speed, the catalysts which enable its success to remain the same.

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