3 Must-Have Cryptos: Big Eyes Coin, NEAR Protocol & Filecoin

Place/Date: - March 6th, 2023 at 6:18 pm UTC · 3 min read
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3 Must-Have Cryptos: Big Eyes Coin, NEAR Protocol & Filecoin

The residual effects of the crypto winter are still being experienced by the market. Currencies are rapidly fluctuating, investors are bleeding money and all in all it seems to be a very bearish market. You must be asking; “How can I be secure in such a market?”. Well, three cryptos come to mind when we think of stability and security – Big Eyes Coin, NEAR Protocol, and Filecoin.

The best chance of success for every investor is to only bet on a bull market that is up green, yes? Well, sometimes in a bear market, the most important thing is to find the currency that has the most potential amidst all the downtrends and trust the growth that will follow.

NEAR Protocol: An Essential Problem Solver

The decentralized development platform was designed to provide solutions to the limitations of computing systems such as low speeds, poor cross-compatibility, and low throughput. It operates on a Proof-of-stake blockchain that ideally boosts scalability and reduces end-user costs. The platform can process up to 100,000 transactions per second, bringing its transaction fees 10,000 times lower than Ethereum.

From an investor perspective, now would be the perfect time to invest in NEAR as it is doing well on the market. It is predicted to rise by 10.24% and reach a value of $2.48 by March 7, 2023.

Big Eyes Coin: Your Lucky Cat

3 Must-Have Cryptos: Big Eyes Coin, NEAR Protocol & Filecoin

Currently attracting significant attention from investors, Big Eyes Coin has been performing exceptionally well in the last two months, but more so this past week. The coin promises its investors a variety of returns on every dollar invested – from big winnings to charitable contributions.

The platform has recently announced its $31 million milestone which leaves them with only a short way to go until its $50 million target.

In the beginning, they offered users to win up to $100 000 by investing a minimum of $10 into their loot boxes, but now they have raised the stakes and are putting $1 million into the mix, making ambitious investors highly motivated to have their shot at winning BIG.

In addition, Big Eyes Coin offers what would most suitably be referred to as a VIP lounge for NFT holders, who have the opportunity to join their NFT Sushi Crew.

The platform has also pledged to donate 5% of its total earnings to an ocean conservatory and for any eco-conscious investor, this would be a prime opportunity to not miss.

Filecoin Holding Steady

3 Must-Have Cryptos: Big Eyes Coin, NEAR Protocol & Filecoin

The decentralized storage system raised $205 million in its ICO in 2017 and is community focused. The platform allows developers to create a community storage space where people can join, store their data or earn money when they provide space for someone else’s funds. The native currency of the coin is $FIL.

In recent days, the coin seems to have a bullish run, with the price predicted to rise by 9.68% and reach $ 7.58 by March 7, 2023. With the anticipated bull run of the coin, now would be the best time to invest as turning a profit is highly likely at this point.

Final Thought

The crypto winter was a dark time for crypto investors and while we still feel the effects today, the market is slowly beginning to improve. The residual effect of the time will eventually wear off and until that time it is important to remember that some currencies perform very well even in a bearish market, all you need to do is make a calculated decision.

For More on Big Eyes Coin (BIG): Website, Telegram, Presale.

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