3LAU, Zedd and Big Sean: Blockchain-Powered Our Music Festival Announced Its Headliners

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3LAU, Zedd and Big Sean: Blockchain-Powered Our Music Festival Announced Its Headliners
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The first music event fueled by blockchain will debut on the 20th of October in San Francisco. The starting price for tickets is just $25 during the pre-sale, cryptocurrencies are accepted. The blockchain nature of this event helped to minimize the pricing and avoid tickets manipulations.

It brings together people of different ages, nationalities, professional and social backgrounds. It can be pure fun, but at the same time it can change the world. It never stays the same: it evolves, gets new inspirations, finds new ways to draw attention. These sentences can refer to both blockchain and music. This autumn these two spheres will get a closer connection as the blockchain powered Our Music Festival is to light up San Francisco on the 20th of October.

Our Music Festival is the first ever musical entertainment event to use a live blockchain app for processing booking fees. The blockchain side of this festival deserves a lengthy discussion, but just like any other music event the main attraction is the line-up. The brainchild of Our Music Festival is DJ and EDM producer Justin Blau better known by his stage name 3LAU. The talented musician will be joined on stage by well-known artist: EDM stars Zedd and Matt + Kim, platinum-selling rapper Big Sean and a teen pop singer Charlotte Lawrence. On the 20th of Octobers these musicians will give a six-hour show in the Greek Theater at UC Berkley Saturday.

The price for a one-day music festival like Our Music Festival is not expected to be low. Just for example, the price for Zedd’s show in LIV Nightclub, Miami Beach, in the end of August is $60. However, Our Music Festival gives all the fans the opportunity to visit the show of their favorite musicians for as low as $25 during the pre-sale. The general price will not be much higher: it starts with $29. The tickets under $30 price to the music festival featuring top EDM stars – that seems to be an act of generosity. But this price level can become the standard for the industry with the help of blockchain.

Justin Blau is not only an outstanding EDM musician; he is also known as a crypto enthusiast. He started working on the blockchain powered music festival even before the crypto boom had happened in the end of 2017. Blau’s enthusiasm and influence in the sphere allowed to involve in the project top players of the market: professionals from Spotify, Billboard, Creative Artists Agency, Paradigm Talent Agency, Prime Social Group, CID Entertainment and SINGULAR DTV.

The idea behind Our Music Festival goes far beyond a great music event. Today tickets for such events often become the object of fraud and manipulation. Blockchain makes the ticket pipeline absolutely transparent and eliminates the risk of prices being driven up.

The pre-sale for Our Music Festival is already open. That is a great chance to spend some cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, and Litecoin are accepted. But the support of the popular cryptos is not the only achievement of Our Music Festival. The OMF ecosystem is much more complicated.

The OMF token is one more cryptocurrency accepted by Our Musiс Festival. The organizers believe that in the future OMF will become an entertainment ecosystem supporting various music events. Blockchain is not only making pricing transparent, it can also be used to involve fans in decision making process to create perfect festival together.

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