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4 Emerging Crypto Projects That Should Be on Your Radar

UTC by Julia Sakovich · 4 min read
4 Emerging Crypto Projects That Should Be on Your Radar
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The following four crypto projects can be taken as examples of the exciting projects that are springing up right now.

Even if you eat, sleep, and dream crypto, it’s impossible to stay abreast of everything that’s happening in the space. Even on only four hours’ sleep a night, you’re guaranteed to wake up to over 1,000 Telegram messages, pages of crypto Twitter threads, and enough defi drama to fill a Netflix series. Ain’t nobody got time for checking all that.

Given the rate of innovation and iteration in crypto right now, it’s impossible to keep tabs on every promising new project that’s emerging. The following four provide an example of the exciting projects that are springing up right now. As this selection shows, experimentation is happening everywhere in the industry, from base layer blockchains to applications and industry-specific news aggregators. Take a deep breath and let’s dive in.


What Is It?

Enterprise blockchain whose BFT algorithm is based on Libra – yes, Facebook’s Libra.

What Makes It Special?

Designed to eventually support CBDCs and enterprise applications at scale. Cypherium has developed blockchain applications for seemingly everyone in tech, from Google to IBM. They’re about as well connected as it gets.

News of Note

Cypherium launched its crowdsale registration on September 9 and will be holding its public sale on September 14.

Bull Case for Cypherium

Cypherium’s blockchain, which combines PoW and the HotStuff algo used by Libra, sounds technically impressive, and should be as fast and scalable as promised. What’s more bullish about Cypherium, though, is that its developers seem intent on creating killer apps rather than simply producing a vast but empty network. If enterprise blockchain becomes a thing, Cypherium is likely to be its home.


What Is It?

Token Issuance as a Service. Axioms is a turnkey service for creating and issuing your own token. It’s designed for businesses, crypto projects, and anyone else who’d like to create a native token but isn’t sure how.

What Makes It Special?

Axioms airdrops tokens to its existing community, enabling projects to growth hack their way to success. Tokens can be awarded to Axioms users who complete certain tasks, such as mentioning your project on social media.

News of Note

Axioms launched a Uniswap pool for its native token last week and already appears to have an active community in place.

Bull Case for Axioms

Axioms provides a whitelabel that enables businesses to earn fees from tokens that are distributed via their own branded platform. This opens the door to some intriguing possibilities: employee reward schemes, CSR campaigns, customer loyalty programs. Axioms enables businesses to tokenize without concerning themselves with smart contracts and liquidity. That’s pretty bullish.


What Is It?

Crypto coaching from industry experts and an onramp to crypto trading tournaments.

What Makes It Special?

Cryptocube soft-launched this month and has some major muscle behind it including former poker pros. It’s also secured the support of an all-star selection of coaches, including leading crypto traders, marketers, and defi experts. Cryptocube aims to become the web’s leading platform for leveling up your crypto knowledge, with a particular focus on trading.

News of Note

Cryptocube has teased at news of a partnership with one or more leading exchanges. This will provide incentives for users to sign up for crypto trading competitions, which have exploded recently, both in popularity and in the size of the prizes on offer.

Bull Case for Cryptocube

If Bybit’s recent World Series of Trading event is anything to go by, crypto tournaments are about to become the new poker tournaments. That being the case, Cryptocube is primely positioned to become the onramp to this new trading vertical – and a repository of the sort of skills needed to master such events.


What Is It?

Decentralized derivatives trading on Ethereum using the Chromia blockchain as an ETH L2.

What Makes It Special?

Hedget provides a protection layer for leveraged trading positions. The project received backing from leading VCs including FBG Capital and Alameda Research, operated by Sam Bankman-Fried of FTX.

News of Note

FTX hosted the Hedget IEO on September 4 and will list the HGET token for trading on September 13.

Bull Case for Hedget

On-chain trading has gone exponential but derivatives options are still playing catch-up. Decentralized options are a game-changer, enabling traders to pay a modest premium to protect themselves in the event of sudden price movements.

The projects emerging in 2020 are streets ahead of the crop of 2017 in terms of tokenomics, use cases, roadmap, and deliverables. Cypherium, Axioms, Cryptocube, and Hedget are just a snapshot of what’s shipping right now. Add them to your watch list and sleep on them at your peril.

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