5 Blockchain Startups to Watch Out for in Q2 2021

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5 Blockchain Startups to Watch Out for in Q2 2021
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Whether you are just interested in blockchain technology and its potential to change the world or looking to make some profits by investing early, it is important to know what projects and trends will impact the industry in 2021.

With more than 9,000 digital assets listed on a cryptocurrency data site like CoinMarketCap, keeping tabs on projects that are driving change and making a real impact can quickly become a herculean task. And as if this number is not enough, several new projects hit the crypto space every single day, making the struggle even harder.

That being said, here’s a rundown of the five blockchain startups worth paying close attention to in the second quarter of 2021.


TosDis is an acronym for “The One Stop Defi Interoperable Solution.”

Launched last quarter, this blockchain startup aims to create a full one-stop DeFi ecosystem. Its goal is to disrupt the DeFi scene as we know it by addressing some inherent flaws of the existing models.

TosDis tackles these problems by using its cross-chain EasyStake solution, which provides an equilibrium of risk, reward and convenience. In addition to this, TosDis has recently launched its cross-chain IDO platform and plans to release additional functions shortly. Thus, coming through on its promise of offering a comprehensive one-stop DeFi interoperable solution.

By offering this flexible solution, any ERC20 or BSC project can launch staking and farming pools or launch its IDO through the system, while users can earn rewards on or buy these ERC20 or BSC tokens. Furthermore, TosDis is aiming to include many other smart chains into its ecosystem, like Polkadot, Fantom, Meter.io… making it the most decentralized network to enable cross-chain DeFi solutions.


Globally, there are about 1.7 billion unbanked people. This makes financial services such a big deal.

EQIFI is a community-powered global banking platform that is democratizing finance. The platform is powered by EQIBank, the world’s first licensed and regulated bank that combines fiat and digital assets. The solution addresses banking challenges such as high fees and inefficient processes. It also extends to lending, interest rate swaps, and decentralized finance (DeFi). EQIFI enables pooled lending, borrowing, and investments in stablecoins, fiat currencies, ETH, and ERC-20 tokens.

Some of the offerings under the EQIFI umbrella include fixed term products, variable rate products, yield aggregator, and interest rate swaps.


Still on the staking scenes, Estonian startup Stakin provides dedicated validation service to PoS blockchain networks. The startup is an infrastructure operator that offers node infrastructure and staking-as-a-service to public blockchains. Its goal is to simplify how token holders stake their tokens and assist developers in building products using “relying blockchain infrastructure.”

Using cloud and tier 3 colocation providers, Stakin provides secure, reliable, and efficient nodes on chosen PoS protocols. Moreover, the protocol uses sentry nodes, hardware security modules, and live monitoring tools to ensure a runtime of more than 99%.

Stakin launched its first staking infrastructure in January 2019 on Tezos. Since then, the project has expanded to new protocols, including Cosmos, Terra Money, Irisnet, and Algorand.


This Italian blockchain startup is building a digital platform to manage common business practices. According to its website:

“[SafePls’s] goal is to let anyone use the blockchain to simplify the management of common practices without the fear of having to deal with a decentralized and unclear system in use.”

Primarily, SafePls is an easy, fast, and intuitive blockchain platform that allows users to send and track documents. It provides tools for digital signatures and authentication. For instance, the platform’s Watch to Watch solution helps watchmakers track their entire supply chain – from production to the secondary markets.

The solution is such a big deal considering the level of adulteration and falsification that occurs in the business world.


IBERIAN is a Spanish-based blockchain startup that is helping asset management companies, investors, and independent managers tackle prevalent industry challenges such as complicated legal bottlenecks and high costs.

The IOTA-powered asset management platform uses Qubic smart contracts to offer end-to-end solutions to customers.

“IBERIAN is a way for creating much more efficient funds while dramatically reducing costs, enabling a much more efficient asset management activity.”

In addition to offering a highly customizable and complete asset management software platform, IBERIAN helps entities lower the costs associated with traditional asset management when they transition to a digital fund structure.


Whether you are just interested in blockchain technology and its potential to change the world or looking to make some profits by investing early, it is important to know what projects and trends will impact the industry in 2021.

The blockchain sector is constantly changing and this list is merely a fraction of the rather saturated market as we know it.

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