Telegram Unveils New Updates Including Payments 2.0, Scheduled Voice Chats and Others to Boost Platform Performance

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Telegram Unveils New Updates Including Payments 2.0, Scheduled Voice Chats and Others to Boost Platform Performance
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The use of all Telegram features is absolutely free for now. However, monetization plans are still underway.

Popular cloud-based instant messaging outfit Telegram has unveiled a set of new updates, designed to boost the performance of its platform. According to its announcement, the new features primarily include Payments 2.0, Scheduled Voice Chats, and New Web Versions.

Telegram is known for its free and multi-functional platform which amongst many things permit groups having thousands of participants, unique animated stickers all enmeshed with great privacy features. Through Telegram, you can initiate Secret Chats that are End-to-End Encrypted while maintaining groups without compromising user accessibility and membership participation.

New Telegram Platform Updates

Telegram has taken social media messaging to a new dimension and has earned it a place as one of the preferred platforms for hosting a vibrant community for crypto projects. The latest updates release, however, is billed to raise the bar higher, igniting a whole new level of functionality.

Payments 2.0

Telegram is rebranding the features of the payment it first added back in 2017 by allowing users to gain accessibility to an increased payment processing outfits. Through Telegram, Payment Bots lets anyone pay for virtually anything ranging from Pizza orders to Taxis. Per Payments 2.0, access has now been opened to 8 Integrated Payment providers including Stripe, Yandex.Money, Tranzzo, Sberbank, Payme, CLICK, LiqPay, and ECOMMPAY.

In the upgrade, users can also include a tip to appreciate excellent service. Using the Telegram Payment gateway is safe as the platform does not collect and store user’s data. Utilizing the pay features comes with no additional approval from Telegram, cutting off any centralized influence.

Scheduled Voice Chats

Telegram Voice Chats give users the option to catch up with a few friends or tune in to large broadcasts having listeners which can run into millions. In the new update, group administrators can schedule a voice chat for a later date, and doing so will birth a countdown timer for every group member to keep track of the planned chat.

Users can also opt to get notifications in case they are too busy to keep track of the timer. When the timing is up, an admin will need to start the chat before the meeting can commence.

New Web Versions

Telegram is also rolling out two new web versions, serving as a boost to one of its flagship products. The two web applications both supports animated stickers, dark mode, chat folders, and more. The sizes are small with just 400kb and will not be a burden to anyone.

Mini Profiles

Another cool update from Telegram is the ability to expand profile pictures and bios to get a better idea of who you’re chatting with – without leaving the voice chat window. Also, you can now change your profile picture and edit your bio without leaving the chat.

Other Telegram Updates

As a complement to the new world of enhanced user experience on the Telegram platform, other unique features such as Pinch to Zoom, improved video player with fast-forward and rewind features, and direct downloads on its website to dodge extensive review process from the PlayStore.

The use of all Telegram features is absolutely free for now. However, plans are underway to create a whole new set of products that will only be accessible to premium subscribers. Telegram is growing and needed to generate funds to sustain its operations, this reality has spurred the firm to secure a $1 billion funding with 5-year bond placement. Part of the terms involves the monetization of the platform and a potential IPO billed for 2023, a move that will value the company at about $30 to $50 billion.

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