5 Reasons Why Cryptocurrency Lessons Should Be Taught at School

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by Scott Mathews · 4 min read
5 Reasons Why Cryptocurrency Lessons Should Be Taught at School
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Given high complexity of today’s evolvong digital currency system, crypto enthusiast and professional content writer Scott Mathews reasons why crypto-focused courses should be taught at schools.

What makes cryptocurrency so popular? When Bitcoin, the first blockchain technology digital asset appeared in 2009, most people weren’t sure what to do with it, how to trade, what’s even the use of a “peer to peer electronic cash system”. Soon new forms of cryptocurrency began to spread across the online community, but the general public was still unaware of its possibilities. The tide changed dramatically when Bitcoin hit its peak price in late 2017. Bitcoin was the word coming out of everybody’s mouth, and the general public developed an interest in cryptocurrency.

This year, we’ve had the chance to learn a lot about blockchain, cryptocurrency, and various types of digital money through YouTube videos, blog posts, and high-quality media articles. The benefits of blockchain technology are extensive and this article is intended to paint a clearer picture of some of the most useful features of cryptocurrency.


At the point when a digital currency is made, every single affirmed exchange is put away in an open record. All characters of coin proprietors are scrambled to guarantee the authenticity of record keeping. Since the money is decentralized, you claim it. Neither government nor bank has any power over it. Simply put, nobody can counterfeit cryptocurrency or change the amount in your digital wallet.

Identity Theft

Cryptocurrency is a great way to keep your data safe while performing a monetary transaction. Compared to credit cards, digital money is safer because it uses a different operational mechanism. When a customer uses a credit card, merchants get access to data other than the amount of money used in the transaction. This mechanism is called “pull” mechanism and it’s the opposite of the “push” mechanism where merchants get only the amount of money that customer wants to send and no other data is being exposed. This way cryptocurrency keeps users safe from identity theft.

Instant Settlement

Regular banking transactions take time, even more if you’re trying to pay something online to a person from abroad. Usability is the main reason why digital money is sought after. Once a person sends Bitcoin to the recipient, depending on the amount of money, the transaction is usually completed in a matter of minutes. All it takes is for a few miners to include your transaction in the new block which takes about 8-9 minutes. Cryptocurrencies are so popular even assignment writers want to get paid in crypto for faster transactions.

A Resilient Technology

Brick and Mortar organizations may seem more stable because they exist longer and have a physical presence which makes them more appealing to most people. Digital currency, on the other side, seems unsafe and fragile to the untrained eye. Nevertheless, research indicates that blockchain will, if not replace, then certainly reshape the financial system as we know it. According to data provided in the research, the world banking system would benefit from implementation of blockchain even save around $20 billion by 2022.

An Alternative to Corporations

For some time, it appeared that globalization is inescapable, as well as that centralization is unavoidable also. It seemed that we had only two choices — either to give more control to governments or to give more power to vast partnerships. From these two choices, the Western world has favored the latter. Therefore, we have wound up in a circumstance where organizations like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have an abundance of data they collect from their users. However, once actualized, decentralized blockchain-based informal communities and other online administrations would allow unmonitored use.


The aggregate capitalization of the crypto is around 600 billion dollars. The measure of cash put into the market so far is much lower than that, as most interests in this market were made when the valuations of digital currencies were much lower than they are currently. This means that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has a long way to go before society puts it away.

This form of finance obviously represents the future of human economic interaction, especially if we take into account the number of new cryptocurrencies that appear on the market. Not only should cryptocurrency lessons be taught in schools, but we should all work harder on implementing blockchain as much as we can in our online activities.

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