6 Crypto Grants You Should Keep Eye On in 2023

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6 Crypto Grants You Should Keep Eye On in 2023
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This article will highlight 6 crypto grants and the roles they play in fostering development in the cryptocurrency industry.

Are you a founder in the crypto space? Then a grant is what you may need to give your project a boost.

Grants offer a unique opportunity for financial support, mentorship, and exposure to thriving blockchain communities. Stay ahead of the curve and seize the chance to secure funding and collaborate with industry experts by keeping an eye on these six crypto grants in 2023.

What Is a Crypto Grant?

A crypto grant is a form of financial support provided to individuals or projects within the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Organizations, foundations, or communities typically offer it to promote innovation, development, and adoption of blockchain technology.

Crypto grants can take various forms, including direct funding, research grants, developer grants, ecosystem grants, or grants specifically tailored to support startups. These grants often come with additional benefits like mentorship, access to resources, networking opportunities, and exposure to a supportive community.

They are designed to foster creativity, encourage collaboration, and accelerate the growth of promising projects in the crypto industry. Crypto grants play a crucial role in nurturing talent, advancing technology, and driving the evolution of the blockchain ecosystem.

6 Crypto Grants Every Startup Founder Needs To Know

EOS Network Foundation

The EOS Network Foundation (ENF) has taken a comprehensive and community-driven approach to funding the EOS Network. They employ various methods to nurture a thriving blockchain ecosystem, including direct investments, sponsored working groups, and long-term product development.

One funding avenue is through Pomelo, where the ENF has allocated $2,238,888 to the grant matching pool. This capital is distributed among 652 proposals using the quadratic formula, enabling EOS token holders to participate in how funds are allocated.

Another funding channel, Wombat X, empowers the next generation of Web3 games by providing mentorship, user acquisition support, and infrastructure assistance. Enrolled participants gain access to game development software, a substantial user base, and guidance from advisors.

The ENF has also established a direct grant framework to support research, software development, and maintenance of the Antelope protocol. They offer recognition grants to projects and businesses contributing to EOS and working group grants to encourage collaboration among experienced developers.

Additionally, EOS Network Ventures, set to launch in Q2 2023, will provide funding for EOS-based applications.

Neo Eco Support General Grants

The Neo General Grants Program offers funding opportunities for blockchain projects focused on developing tools and infrastructure for the Neo Blockchain.

The program supports exceptional software development initiatives, including developer tools, SDKs, nodes, Layer 2 protocols, IDE plugins, and infrastructure protocols. Grants are awarded based on factors such as adoption potential, developer-friendliness, and timely execution.

Typically, project funding ranges from $5,000 to $50,000, with a maximum limit of approximately $100,000. However, projects with extraordinary value to the Neo ecosystem may receive additional funding. Funded projects must be completed within a six-month timeframe.

In addition to funding, grant recipients benefit from guidance from Neo core developers and technical leads, participation in developer community events like the Neo Community Assembly, and the opportunity to kickstart projects with potential business prospects.

AngelBlock Startups

AngelBlock for Startups offers a transparent, decentralized, and fully on-chain fundraising platform for startups, DAOs, and protocols. It is offering $15,000 to promising startups that meet specific criteria.

AngelBlock offers decentralized and non-custodial fundraising, enabling transparent and democratic token-based financing specifically designed for Web3 startups. The platform incorporates on-chain vesting and milestone-driven token allocation systems, ensuring secure and reliable fund disbursement while allowing projects to define their deliverables and release timelines.

Operating as a non-custodial, protocol-based platform, AngelBlock leverages smart contracts to automate fundraising processes, promoting trust and transparency for investors and startups. Investor protection is prioritized through milestone voting and automated token vesting and distribution, eliminating the possibility of manual errors.

In addition, AngelBlock’s zero-fee fundraising model sets it apart from traditional fundraising platforms, allowing projects to retain complete control over their funds and reinvest more in their growth.

Rootstock Grants

The Rootstock Strategic Grant program offers support and funding for the next generation of fintech builders looking to build their next decentralized application (dApp) on the Rootstock ecosystem.

IOVLabs, a prominent player in blockchain technology worldwide, launched this $2.5 million program to accelerate the development and adoption of Rootstock, the pioneering Bitcoin sidechain that serves as a vibrant ecosystem for DeFi apps on the Bitcoin network.

By joining the Scaling Bitcoin Hackathon, applicants can fast-track their application process. The program covers a wide range of project types, focusing on integrating Rootstock into existing products or creating new dApps. Successful applicants receive funding and benefit from mentorship and marketing support.

The program announces new grants and themes every three months. The first wave (Wave 1), which runs from May 17 to the end of July, is centered around enhancing accessibility to DeFi for everyone. The first three categories include: “Merge Bitcoin Networks”, “Create User-centric Utility”, and “Aggregate DeFi Liquidity”.

Interested applicants can apply through the hackathon or by contacting the program directly. Wave 2 starts in August.

Lido Ecosystem Grants

Lido Ecosystem Grants Organization is dedicated to funding projects, individuals, and initiatives that contribute to the growth of Lido and the broader ecosystem, focusing on efficiency and accountability.

The program is open to blockchain developers, crypto enthusiasts, and community members working towards enhancing awareness and advancements in Ethereum, Proof-of-Stake (PoS), DeFi, and related areas.

The funding amount varies based on the project’s potential impact, size, and requirements. Grants are categorized into four tiers: Sandgrain, Pebble, Boulder, and Mountain, with corresponding grant amounts ranging from approximately $1,000 to over $100,000.

Partisia Blockchain Foundation Grants Program

The Partisia Blockchain Foundation Grants Program offers project developers financial support, guidance, feedback, and increased visibility. The program is specifically tailored to assist developers in bringing their ideas to fruition and provides exclusive benefits to accelerate their vision.

It features grant opportunities in various categories, including Partisia Blockchain Block Explorers Grant, which aims to develop the Partisia Blockchain ecosystem by providing grants to the developer community.

In addition, grants are available for Privacy-Focused dApps, promoting the development of privacy-oriented applications within the Partisia Blockchain ecosystem. The program welcomes developers who are enthusiastic about advancing their projects and contributing to the growth of the Partisia Blockchain ecosystem.

Projects like Blockchain-Ads, an innovative Web3  advertising and data solution, have secured a $50,000 grant from Partisia Blockchain. This grant signifies a critical milestone for Blockchain-Ads, allowing them to further their research and development and bringing them closer to realizing their vision of a more secure and privacy-centric advertising ecosystem.


Securing funding can be a game-changer for your project, and crypto grants present a unique opportunity to receive financial support. By exploring these crypto grants above, you can also access guidance/mentorship and networking opportunities that are instrumental in driving the growth and success of your crypto project in 2023.

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