7 Ways to Educate Yourself about Cryptocurrency

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by Serena Dorf · 6 min read
7 Ways to Educate Yourself about Cryptocurrency
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Serena Dorf, a professional content writer from LA, helps gain deep insights into cryptos listing up 7 ways to educate yourself about this volatile new industry.

Technology is developing at a spectacular rate, and there is no room for people who are just going to sit down and watch. To be a part of the future and to be able to navigate the work market, you have to educate yourself.

A great way to start your step into the future is to get involved in cryptocurrency. No other industry has displayed such a rapid development rate as this blockchain-driven way of transferring funds.

For beginners, cryptocurrency, its technical terms, and function can be a little tricky. However, that is not a reason to step down from the challenge.

To help you gain deep insights into the world of cryptocurrency, we’ve assembled the list of ways to educate yourself. Some of these are obvious, some are surprising, and we’re going to dissect them all. Utilizing all of them at once will help you navigate this volatile new industry.

Community Forums

For all those looking to enter the cryptocurrency world, community forms are one of the best solutions out there. Why exactly?

Forums are created with a purpose, so there is less likely to be people who aren’t interested in the topic, like we see on social media. Secondly, we can assume that there is less activity than on social media. Therefore, it’s much easy to moderate them and remove any unnecessary content.

Cryptocurrency forums like Reddit are thriving more than ever. Almost every forum you encounter has an FAQ section, along with tutorials, useful PDFs and other tools. And if that doesn’t help you, there are thousands upon thousands of people that will be happy to assist you with whatever you need.


Researching about a certain topic is a time-consuming activity, no matter how interesting the topic is. Reading books or manuals can take time and cryptocurrency is even more prone to large amounts of time invested. Thankfully, there are many cryptocurrency-related podcasts on iTunes, Google Podcasts and other services.

Before you enter the world of cryptocurrency podcasts, make sure you watch from the first episode. By mastering the basics, you will be able to advance quickly.

“Podcasts are a life-changer for anyone wanting to learn about a certain topic,” says Shawn Horford, a senior writer at EssayOnTime. “You can listen to them on the bus, on the train or before bed. By combining an educational podcast with another activity, you both save time and get better.”

Verified Social Media Accounts

When talking about community forums, we’ve already mentioned the importance of a “clean area” to operate in. Social media is known to be home to a lot of fake news, useless content, but that’s just one part of it.

By implementing verifications, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have allowed people to see who is legitimate and who isn’t.

Posting frequency is also a good way to see if an account is good. The beauty of social media is that you can combine so many different sources and get all the information you want. There are no limits as to what you can accomplish by combining different sources of crypto-related information.


While many deem YouTube to be a social media category, there is a distinction to be made. YouTube is focused on video content, and that gives it a much more educational purpose than other social media outlets. Since cryptocurrency is on the rise, many YouTubers actively make videos on the subject.

From the basics, all the way to some hypothetical cryptocurrency-AI fusions, you can find anything you want on YouTube. The like-dislike ratio, the comments, and view count are good ways to test the legitimacy of a YouTuber.

Online Learning Platforms

15 years ago, everyone who wanted to be a programmer had to go to college for formal education. Nowadays, there are middle school kids who are already proficient at writing complex code.

Thanks to various online learning platforms that this is now possible. Many of them began as independent courses, whereas now, many universities offer online courses in cryptocurrency through these platforms.

The best part about e-learning is that you can pick the way you want to learn. Whether it is going through the whole course in one sitting or taking it slow, it’s completely your choice. For those that want to learn on their own terms, online learning is the way.


Due to the growth rate of the cryptocurrency industry, we’ve seen a growing number of blogs dedicated to the subject. There are all sorts of different ones, and you can pick the one whose method suits you best. However, you also have to be wary of false information.

Read only the blogs that have data backed up by verified sources and reliable experts. If you see a blog that posts numbers without linking to the source, stop reading their posts. A blog that can’t even bother to provide sources is not going to teach you anything about cryptocurrency.


What are whitepapers, anyway? Unlike any other source in this piece, they specifically require a certain level of technological knowledge.

The best way to define them would be as “detailed reports designed to inform people about an issue and the solution to this issue.” Don’t worry. You don’t have to be a developer to use whitepapers for your education. The only thing you have to be up to date on is terminology.

Be wary of whitepapers that are advertised as “without technical terms” or as “easy for beginners.” Such whitepapers are filled with marketing schemes and false information.

To Conclude

Out of all the resources on this list, none of them is more important than a thirst for knowledge. Once you see that you understand the topic of cryptocurrency, you will be able to learn more with each lesson you take. Combine each of these sources of knowledge to craft a unique perspective on one of the most prospective industries in existence. Although cryptocurrency may not be your career, the information you acquire will be useful in the future.

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