Achain Founder Tony Cui Announced the Founding of ALabs for Blockchain Research at Achain-Sogang Technology Exchange Meeting

Place/Date: Seoul - July 18th, 2018 at 1:41 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: Achain, Source: Achain

The event was attended by professors from the University and Achain delegates. Achain Founder Tony gave a short speech during the event.

Opening the Meeting is Professor Moonki Hwang from the School of Economics, Sogang University. Mr Hwang congratulated both parties on joining the meeting as it’s in each party’s interests to cooperate together.

According to Hwang, more meeting between Achain and Sogang University are expected to come in the further and possibly a bilateral MOU can be signed in this Autumn.

Achain CEO Tony Cui joined the conference remotely, endorsing the importance of China and Korea in the research and development of the decentralized tech. Cui said innovation talks and seminars between Achain and Sogang University will bring monumental potential for both parties and possibly the blockchain industries in China and South Korea. Cui said:

“Sogang University has a huge talent pool and are pioneering in many areas of scientific research. It’s an honour for me and for Achain to co-organize this conference. Blockchain technology is relatively new. There are many potentials to be uncovered. I believe working together making us move faster in the blockchain realm.”

At the event, Cui announced the founding of the ALabs. The announcement was joined shortly by ALabs representatives introducing ALabs, its function and vision.

ALabs focuses on blockchain tech innovation, seeking breakthroughs in areas such as blockchain infrastructure, blockchain scalability and blockchain management etc. The Lab will periodically produce research reports to share the insights on its latest research. Other solutions including creating new blockchain for specific industries are also offered by ALabs.

Following ALabs’ project introduction are South Korean blockchain projects Paygate and Hexlant. While showcasing his own project, Hexlant CEO Jinwoo Noh said he noticed Achain’s strength and advantages over Ethereum early on and would like to have further cooperation with ALabs as well.

The meeting was successful for both Achain and Sogang University. Achain also had many successful conferences with local developers in countries such as Vietnam, US etc. The blockchain has strategic relations with renowned tech companies like Google and IBM.

Being able to cooperate with Sogang University is a huge boost for Achain in South Korea and corresponds with Achain’s global strategy.

About Achain

Achain was founded in 2015, with the main mission of expanding blockchain technology. Achain’s Founder Tony Cui was a blockchain enthusiast and an early believer in the potential of the blockchain. In 2015, he decided to start his own company.

The main network of Achain was released in July 2017. In 2018, Achain won “Hurun Hundred Fortune: 2018 Most Investment Value Blockchain Project Award” and “Public Blockchain of the Year” at World Blockchain Conference, Wuzhen.

About ALabs

ALabs is a blockchain research institute with a vision to create a high-performance, high-reliability blockchain network. ALabs was founded by Achain founder Tony Cui, dedicating to research in blockchain scalability, consensus, ledger structure, offline solutions and sharding.

Beyond these, ALabs will also delve into cross-chain solutions: protocol and contract communication, intermediary chain and others.