Aditus Allows Crypto Users To Purchase Yachts Without Fiat Currency

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Aditus Allows Crypto Users To Purchase Yachts Without Fiat Currency

The Italian Sea Group has partnered with Aditus, the world’s first decentralized luxury access platform, to let its customers buy yachts in crypto.

Luxury yacht company The Italian Sea Group have collaborated with the crypto-payment gateway startup Aditus to let it customers purchase yaughts in cryptocurrency.

In terms of the recent partnership, VIP users of Aditus, in their turn, will gain exclusive access to the upcoming promotional events celebrating The Italian Sea Group’s launch of their new yacht, the Tecnomar Evo 120 (ICE WHITE EDITION).

Aditus Access is also running another project alongside this launch that will allow potential buyers the unique opportunity to visit The Italian Sea Group headquarters and the nearby area of the historic Forte de Marmi.

Aditus is proud to have a reputation of the first luxury access platform for crypto-affluent users. Together with The Italian Sea Group, the platform allows its users to purchase both Tecnomar and Admiral yachts using Aditus native tokens, as well as other forms of cryptocurrency – the first opportunity for crypto-users to buy new yachts directly, without having to exchange their holdings for fiat currency, saving both time and money.

Tuscany-based company The Italian Sea Group represents itself one of the largest international businesses in the market, constructing yachts and mega-yachts, up to 145 m in length. Like Aditus, The Italian Sea Group have a reputation for providing high-end, luxury products. The company attracts many clients among celebrities and owns headquarters in the largest private dry dock in the Mediterranean.

The signed partnership between the two companies makes Aditus Pay the exclusive crypto-payment gateway and crypto-payment concierge for The Italian Sea Group Asia. Crypto-users can now purchase either the Tecnomar or Admiral yachts through their chosen cryptocurrency, while those who choose to pay in Aditus tokens have special bonuses in the form of ‘’token-back’’.

Aditus VIP users will also have access to the details of the Tecnomar Evo 120 ICE WHITE EDITION launch events. With the debut announced for July 2018, The Italian Sea Group have already scheduled multiple parties before this date in anticipation.

In the pilot project with the Aditus Access, potential buyers would get the opportunity to visit The Italian Sea Group headquarters located in Italy. As well as this, the company has organized for the VIP users to tour the nearby Forte de Marmi, a location championed by many affluent Europeans.

Traugott Kaminski, CEO of The Italian Sea Group Asia, has expressed his pride about the recent collaboration, which opens his company an easy access to crypto-community. According to his words, the importance of providing seamless solutions for those benefiting from the new group of wealth created by the crypto economy cannot be overestimated. The CEO also underlined the company’s previous long-term relationship with Aditus, built on a shared ideal of high-end service and luxury products.

Julian Peh, CEO of Aditus, has stated that he chose The Italian Sea Group for collaboration because of this shared ideal of premier service for their crypto-affluent users, aiming to bring the conversation of crypto usage into the mainstream.

In February, the company had successfully completed the cryptocurrency payment at Art Stage 2018 expo in Singapore. Aditus Pay was used their by expo visitors to make purchases of artwork on display, using a range of cryptocurrencies, including the digital asset native Aditus tokens (ADI).

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