Advantages of Marketing Digitalization

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Advantages of Marketing Digitalization
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Digitalization has been a significant step forward in this domain, but it appears that the next and most crucial step will be the merging of marketing and cryptocurrencies.

The mass adoption of the internet in people’s daily lives has become the most significant event in marketing over the last three decades.

Marketing as a domain has seen significant transformations, moving away from traditional methods such as physical marketing, phone communication, and print advertisements. Since the beginning, marketers have utilized SEO methods like stuffing, excessive tagging, and backlinks to get high rankings.

Moreover, applying digital technologies into this domain has been referred to as creating new or modifying existing processes to keep up with emerging technologies. Changes that have been made in the marketing domain include adaptation to social media platforms, digital campaigns, advertising through emails, and many more.

There are numerous techniques and possibilities associated with digital marketing, allowing individuals to be creative and readily experiment with various marketing options.


At this point, the internet has substantially changed how customers shop and acquire things, and digitalization has profoundly impacted corporate processes. In terms of this significant change on going into the digital part, there are several benefits, including:

  • Marketing and advertising costs are significantly reduced.
  • Customers provide more quantitative data, which are more accurate and help businesses through their services and products.
  • It is easier to reach the ideal customer, having more precise targeting.
  • The return on investment (ROI) appears to become a significant factor.
  • Ad campaigns can be seen anywhere in the world since they are digital.
  • Businesses are more engaged than ever before with their customers.

However, the digitalization process does not end with the creation of social media advertisements; it continues and has started to change into the crypto area.

Marketing Digitalization in Terms of Cryptocurrency

It seems that the vast majority of people are currently acquiring their news from social media platforms, and the truth is that social media has directly contributed to cryptocurrency’s massive popularity. The most significant change due to the use of blockchain technology is marketers’ access to customer privacy.

Blockchain technology shakes things up by allowing consumers to choose the content and adverts they wish to see. When designing and optimizing ad campaigns, many decisions are made based on the information available to digital marketers today.

The blockchain power of cryptocurrencies can shift power into the hands of people, allowing them to see the size of the audience. Few platforms offer services and products for cryptocurrency marketing, and more often than not, they don’t provide all the services advertisers need.

Smart Marketing Token is an excellent example of being a first-of-its-kind tokenized marketing firm responsible for advertising tokens. It is a novel idea that blends marketing with cryptocurrencies. Their goal is to help projects acquire customers and investors, offering ICO, IDO, and IEO promotion services. Furthermore, Smart Marketing Token is developing a platform where anyone can buy marketing services such as managing Facebook advertisements or creating banners, and they can pay with SMT Tokens.


Since its conception, marketing has evolved quickly, and adopting new technologies has benefited both businesses and customers.

Digitalization has been a significant step forward in this domain, but it appears that the next and most crucial step will be the merging of marketing and cryptocurrencies.

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