ADZbuzz Launches Passive Income Program and Daily Crypto Airdrop

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
ADZbuzz Launches Passive Income Program and Daily Crypto Airdrop
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ADZbuzz, a content discovery platform and an RSS reader, introduces a blockchain-fueled social media aggregator with a built in RSS feed.

Blockchain technology has been used for a wide variety of purposes, having been employed for a large range of use-cases over the past few years as a solution to inefficiencies of middlemen system. Blockchain-mania is in full swing, giving every person with an entrepreneurial eye an opportunity to employ the tech as the solution to any conceivable problem.

Every marketing strategy centered around the tech is a scam of some sort. Some blockchain projects are obviously more credible and/or realistic than others – even if the vision may not seem as eye-catching as some of the more loftier projects.

ADZbuzz is hoping to become one of the more long-lasting and practically useful projects that come out of the current blockchain craze. Primarily, they hope to do this by promoting a blockchain-fueled social media aggregator with a built in RSS feed.

They see this platform as a way for users to conveniently bring together their favorite social media content from different outlets, enabling them to synergize between them in one-stop shop manner.

The team has dubbed ADZbuzz a “discovery platform” that will allow people to scroll through media platforms such as Feedly, Reddit and Steemit in a much more connected way.

Furthermore, and maybe the most interesting part of the platform is that both users and content creators are able to reap daily rewards. Thus, ADZbuzz allows users to obtain more followers and readers for their content just like any other traditional social media setup, but with a possibility to earn monetary rewards on top of that.

According to the team’s official press release, every user will be able to earn 100 ADZbuzz Community Tokens (ACT) on a daily basis. These tokens can be held by people as a means of earning passive income through dividends or sold for ADZ, BTC or ETH on the ADZbuzz exchange.

Thus, just by logging onto the platform, anyone can claim the 100 ACT reward in what the team calls a “crypto airdrop.” Users will also be able to create their own communities on the platform (like a Facebook group or page) that allows owners to earn daily profit via these communities.

This is because different communities will be able to create their own specialized tokens that community members will possess and which owners of said communities benefit from by being rewarded for the amount of people holding the unique tokens.

In addition, The ADZbuzz Exchange holds place for a unique rebate feature that gives the trader an option to get a 100% rebate on their trading fees in their bonus wallet and a 50% rebate when their referrals trade.

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