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Islamic-Principled Hada DBank Acquires Token Listing on DigiPeso Exchange

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
Islamic-Principled Hada DBank Acquires Token Listing on DigiPeso Exchange
Photo: HADA DBank

Hada DBank, the first digital Islamic bank based on blockchain, has revealed its upcoming listing on the DigiPeso OTC cryptocurrency exchange.

The digital Islamic bank based on blockchain, Hada DBank, has announced an agreement to list its native digital token, HADACoin, on the DigiPeso OTC cryptocurrency exchange.

The Belgium-based exchange is going to list HADACoin in June 2018 after the conclusion of Hada Dbank’s token sale, which has started on May 31, 2018, and is currently live.

DigiPeso has built itself a reputation for reliability and security, while achieving user-friendliness with a diverse range of crypto-targeted products such as client interface and admin backend on mobile apps, wallets, OTC and liquidity solutions for leveraged trading and delivery. The exchange also prides itself on delivering custom tech development and professional services whether for budding startups or existing financial market organizations.

Discussing the deal, DigiPeso partner Danny Wirken had reached out to Hada DBank to discuss the listing collaboration, initiating involvement and ideas. Wirken eventually came to an agreement to list the token on the exchange after discovering that HADACoin met all of DigiPeso’s strict requirements for listing, and wasted little time to approach the bank with its proposal:

“We are extremely particular about working with crypto coins. Only those that hold the potential to grow and sustain in today’s marketplace will be of interest and listed on our exchange… We are confident HADA Coin is soon to be a favourite of smart crypto traders on our exchange.”

HADA DBank Chairman and Interim CEO Hisyam Mokhtar in return revealed that the bank was more than eager to seal the deal, particularly with a partner of such reputation as DigiPeso:

“Both of us share the same vision for blockchain technology and are confident of its bright future in the next few years. We are glad that the cryptocurrency exchange showed faith in us and believed in our coin’s trading potential.”

While not alone in being a digital bank, Hada DBank is uniquely built on the sustainable and ethical financial principles of Islamic finance, which believes in transparency and risk sharing, as opposed to secrecy and risky appetites of conventional finance. Contrary to being biased to faith, these Islamic principles advocate for universal adoption, welcoming all users regardless of belief.

HADACoin is the vehicle to raise capital for the further development of Hada DBank’s banking project, with users able to use the token for a range of features, such as conducting financial and banking activities on the Hada DBank platform, receiving profits in the form of dividends, returns or equivalents via Savings Accounts or as investment in Investment Solutions, paying for services with the Hada debit card, putting up collateral in Unsecured and Term Loan application, and trading on crypto exchanges, such as DigiPeso and F1Cryptos, for more potential profit and value addition of HADACoin.

Hada DBank recognizes blockchain’s ability to strengthen the banking system’s focus on security and transparency as a facilitator to ethical concerns of sustainability, in a global effort to address the flaws of the current global financial and banking structure.

At the same time, Hada DBank believes in a return to customer-centric values which places the client as a first priority. This is reflected in its thinking of “Caring and Personal” in the way they do business with clients, delivering their products and services.

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