After Leading a $40 Million Investment in Xterio, FunPlus’ Top One IP FPX Has Taken a Move into the Metaverse

November 8th, 2022 at 5:00 am UTC · 2 min read

Earlier, FunPlus led an investment in Web3 game developer Xterio and raised $40 million to expand its team and develop Web3 games. The move was widely regarded as a strong message for FunPlus to make an immense splash in the Metaverse. Recently, FPX Esports, the top IP under FunPlus, unveiled the creation of FPX META. Their first product FPX META Passcard has been launched as Free-Mint, which expressed their vision of building a fun, creative, and innovative FPX metaverse for all the players.

As a worldwide well-known esports organization, FPX has crowned the 2019 League of Legends World Championship just two years after its foundation. In 2022, the League of Legends FPB Division and League of Legends Mobile Division both claimed the championship in their leagues. FPX Valorant Division also took the Copenhagen Masters crown and performed remarkably in the World Championship. Meanwhile, FPX’s Call of Duty Mobile and Identity V Division also possess excellent global competitiveness and international recognition. FPX is also the world’s first esports organization that ever releases the anthem in collaboration with Universal Music and the first organization in China that releases an exclusive collection with Marvel, which shows a strong influence in the esports and fashion area.

After Leading a $40 Million Investment in Xterio, FunPlus' Top One IP FPX Has Taken a Move into the Metaverse

As the pioneering product of FPX’s big move into the Metaverse, FPX META Pass Card possesses various benefits. Holders can obtain tickets in great demand by fans for LAN games, online events, valuable FPX merchandise, and also eligibility for the whitelists of FPX META’s following projects. Besides, holders can get deeply involved in co-creating future projects to share mutual profits with the community. Additionally, FPX META put virtual idol development, virtual gaming venues, and the Gamefi platform in its plan based on its extreme gaming and esports resources.

After Leading a $40 Million Investment in Xterio, FunPlus' Top One IP FPX Has Taken a Move into the Metaverse

FPX META will soon launch its second project, the PFP centered around FPX’s spiritual totem “Phoenix”. The grand and fascinating background storyline is being laid out step by step. As a giant of Web2, FunPlus has been strategically promoting FPX META, and we are getting a glimpse of its pattern and long-term goals in Web3. According to reports, FPX Meta is actively working with a well-known institutional investor for early investment, which is also a significant sign to the web3 world.

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