Music Platform Viberate to List Its Tokens on Livecoin Exchange on October 6th

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Music Platform Viberate to List Its Tokens on Livecoin Exchange on October 6th
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Viberate sold its Vibe tokens under 5 minutes in the fist day of ICO. Now the company’s tokens will be listed on the exchange on October 6th, 2017 with more exchanges to come later.

Viberate is the first decentralized platform in the music sphere. It was created by Slovenian team in order to connect musicians with event organizers from all over the world. The platform gives possibility for any artist to register own profile or to claim others. Moreover, Viberate provides profiles, ranked according to their online popularity.

Nowadays the platform counts over 130 thousand profiles of musicians, joined by 50 thousand venue profiles.  No wonder that Viberate was announced by the European Commission as one of eight European startups that had changed the global music industry.

The platform’s primary goal and the main difference from other musical startups is to provide blockchain technology in music sphere. Viberate is first internet platform that gives opportunity to all musicians to be a part of blockchain revolution and earn cryptocurrency in exchange for their performance. In reality, Viberate works as a kind of IMDB for live music.

Vasja Veber, Viberate’s co-founder and COO, said: “We are not interested in the world of recorded music, royalties and copyright. It’s an interesting field and in definite need for help and we hope that our fellow founders in Musiconomi, Voise, Opus and others will give the massive recorded music market a much needed kick in the butt and let musicians make money again by producing good music. What we are interested at is giving musicians an opportunity to charge for their gigs in cryptocurrencies. We want to do for music what Airbnb did for tourism.”

Viberate’s recent ICO became one the most successful token sales to date. It was intended to sell 120 million of Vibe tokens during one month of ICO. However, the crowdsale raised more than 10 million dollars under 5 minutes, hitting their $12 million hard cap.

“People have seen that Viberate already has value and a Viberate community covering our backs. That is probably refreshing to see in the ICO world,” said Viberate CEO Matej Gregorčič.

The official end of ICO will be on October 5th, 2017, and on the next day Vibes trading will begin. Owners of tokens, listed on, will have possibility to sell them, pay for artist fees, and buy tickets.

Funds, raised in token crowdsale, will be used to develop and upgrade Viberate platform in order to convert it in a comprehensive solution for live music industry.

«Soon you can expect the launch of booking agency profiles and even before that we will introduce the first version of our rewarding program for contributors, so if you don’t have any Vibes yet, you will soon have a chance to earn some by helping the platform grow. It will pay off for sure!” said Vasja Veber.

Moreover, Viberate’s development team plans to introduce reward system in nearest future.

“Being a crowdsourced database, Viberate will reward users who contribute content into the platform and promote it around. Adding new profiles, curating existing ones and promoting Viberate on social media and forums will soon be rewarded with Vibes,” Matej Gregorčič added.

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