This Aggregator Promises Users Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Rates on Trusted Exchangers

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This Aggregator Promises Users Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Rates on Trusted Exchangers
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As an exchanger aggregator, pools a wide list of cryptocurrency and e-currency exchanges in order to allow users to select the most suitable exchanger for themselves.

Entering the cryptocurrency market is a challenge for most newbies given the technicalities and the vast number of platforms available to buy these digital tokens. Due to this, most newcomers who want to buy crypto are driven to centralized exchanges, but there are better alternatives to purchase and sell crypto. Finding these alternatives is a challenge which may cause the buyer to spend more than needed on the purchase. is an exchanger aggregator platform offering users a complete list of e-currency and digital asset exchanges listing the exchange rates of over 250+ cryptocurrencies. Newbie users wanting to find the best exchanges to trade, buy or sell crypto can directly compare exchanges on with a host of differences listed including liquidity, verification process, fees and other features. 


Launched in 2007 as an e-money aggregating platform, has grown into one of the largest exchanger aggregators in the crypto space. The platform provides an intuitive user interface allowing the swift conversion, comparison and monitoring of digital currencies on multiple exchanges. 

Challenge for Newcomers in the Crypto Market 

As alluded to earlier, the cryptocurrency space is growing but new users find it challenging to find the best rates on offer. Newcomers in the field are usually disadvantaged with the current setup of exchangers whereby simple issues such as the conversion of crypto to crypto, fiat to crypto, converting digital currencies like PayPal USD to cash, and conversion of international remittances such as Western Union to liquid cash is a problem. 

Furthermore, the high commissions and fees charged by some crypto exchanges for their trading services, geographical and regulatory limitations, and barriers to entry such as verification gives an upper hand to some exchanges.

As an exchanger aggregator, pools a wide list of cryptocurrency and e-currency exchanges in order to allow users to select the most suitable exchanger for themselves.

How does Work?

The platform provides a list of exchangers allowing users to compare prices and trading fees between cryptocurrencies and e-currencies. The platform displays the assets in a table that updates the price rates every 5 to 8 seconds. The table is located on the left side of the main page once you log in with three main options – Table, List and Popular assets.

The table is split into two columns – ‘Give’ and ‘Get’. The Give option allows users to select the currency they want to sell while the Get option is the currency you’ll receive. Let’s say you wish to exchange Ethereum for some PayPal USD, Ethereum will be on the Give side and PayPal USD on the Get side.

Once you select the crypto and e-currency you want, a list of suitable exchangerwith enough liquidity will appear on the right-hand side of the table. Here, the exchangerare listed in order from the best option to the worst ranking several factors including fees, commissions, ease of purchase, and verification. Select your favorable exchanger from this list.


The exchanger aggregator field is growing higher by the day with multiple platforms budding in the last few years. boasts of being one of the earliest exchanger aggregators in the world offering a clear and intuitive user interface allowing swift e-currency conversions, comparison and recently adding digital currencies table comparisons from multiple exchangers. 

The platform offers users a catalog of relevant data and information on the different exchangerincluding their trading volume, the volume of a given currency, and the reserve of crypto and fiat currencies that they hold. Notwithstanding, also offers users client reviews on the exchangers.

In case you do not find a pair or the best offers that you had in mind, you can send the team a message and they will notify you once an exchange meets your expectations.

Finally, the platform also includes a calculator that allows users to know the exact price that they will pay in any particular exchange before trading.

Security Question 

As the cryptocurrency market grows, there’s an increasing need to check on the legibility and eligibility of exchange before buying or selling on it. ensures that all exchangers that are placed on its platform are legitimate by carrying out intense due diligence before any listing. 

The intense background checks and high compliance standards maintain trust in the platform ensuring dubious and low standard exchangers are not included.

All in all, with over 13 years of experience in the aggregator field, is platform newbies and newcomers to crypto should consider getting the best exchange rates on their purchases or sales. 

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