The Wait Is Over! $AGONY, the Most Profitable Token and Native to the ADA Demon Ecosystem Is Up for Grabs

Place/Date: - July 25th, 2022 at 6:33 pm UTC · 4 min read
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The Wait Is Over! $AGONY, the Most Profitable Token and Native to the ADA Demon Ecosystem Is Up for Grabs
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ADA Demon, an in-depth Play-to-Earn immersive game, has launched the Private Seed Sale of its native token, $AGONY, the market’s most worthwhile token. Developed on the Cardano blockchain, the token employs several high-profit yielding protocols while also backed by a market-oriented tokenomics.

In this highly competitive market, the $AGONY token is expected to make a lot of noise as ADA Demon has already secured a respectable place. Its thrilling gameplay and world-class graphics had gotten the whole gaming community pumped up ever since the Private Seed Sale was announced. And once the token became available for investment, both gamers and investors alike could not seem to keep their excitement under control.

The total supply of $AGONY tokens is capped at 5,000,000,000. Investors can purchase $AGONY during the sale using $ADA, with the current conversion rate set at 1 $ADA = 300 $AGONY. Though there is a cap on the minimum and maximum $AGONY tokens you can invest in during the Private Seed Sale to ensure both, sustainability and the formation of a community around the project. Investors can purchase $AGONY worth a maximum of 35000 $ADA and a minimum of 300 $ADA. Also, the team has set the hardcap and softcap at 500,000 $ADA and 400,000 $ADA respectively.

Can this be the token we had all been waiting for? One that offers the best ROI (Return on Investment) and remains stable in this highly volatile market. Let’s find out.

Everything you Need to Know About $AGONY

$AGONY should not be construed merely as a token for in-game purchases, but it can be a great investment opportunity as well. Though, with $AGONY powering transactions in the ADA Demon ecosystem, for instance, to purchase weapons, skins, or upgrade the character, it will ensure that the demand for the token doesn’t die down.

Also, the tokenomics backing $AGONY is both user and market-oriented, thus providing great rewards and returns, along with creating a favorable environment for the growth of the project. 10% of the total supply has been reserved for marketing while another 3% is for the staking rewards.

Benefits of Investing in $AGONY

  • In-game purchases and NFTs: The exciting gameplay, thrilling characters, and the ability to form guilds have attracted a huge chunk of the gaming community towards ADA Demon. Players can use the $AGONY token to buy weapons or upgrade characters in the game. They may also create NFTs and trade them on the ADA Demon marketplace for $AGONY. Also, the various items collected while wandering through the perilous levels in the game can be sold in the marketplace at a high price.
  • Staking: The Annual Profit Yield offered by ADA Demon is considered the highest in the market, and this is the very reason staking these tokens can be extremely beneficial for investors. You also stand a chance to win artifacts and rare gems used in high-level crafting.
  • De-Fi Loans: This means you may lend your tokens to individuals and earn decent interest on them. The borrower here needs to keep their digital assets as collateral when applying for the loan, which makes things a lot safer and more secure.
  • Own your own land: The coolest about ADA Demon’s metaverse is that you stand a chance to own digital land. Those who invest heavily in the project may receive ownership of digital land, which they may use as a resting station for weary travelers and charge a fee, or simply rent it out for a steady passive income.
  • Be a part of the organization: Since ADA Demon is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), every stakeholder or investor has a say in the proposed changes. Voting will be held amongst all the investors before any changes are introduced. The voting power of an individual depends on the number of $AGONY tokens they have staked. So, stake as many as you can and be that decisive voice every platform needs!

ADA Demon forms the perfect ecosystem with a thrilling game, a native token that acts both as an in-game utility and the perfect investment option, metaverse support, lucrative rewards, a well-designed marketplace to trade NFTs, and a lot more to be released in the coming days.

Don’t miss the chance and invest in AGONY while it’s available at the lowest ever price! Once it gets listed on exchanges, the value will shoot the roof.

To find out all about ADA Demon, visit the official website.

$AGONY Token Sale: here.

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