AiDoge Presale Crosses the $9M Milestone as FOMO Hits New Highs

May 19th, 2023 at 1:07 pm UTC · 5 min read

AiDoge Presale Crosses the $9M Milestone as FOMO Hits New Highs

The sizzling hot presale of AiDoge ($AI) has crossed another major milestone at $9M. That confirms the widespread speculation that the presale is headed for a much earlier sell-out than scheduled.

Currently selling for $0.0000308, $AI tokens will undergo a small price increase to $0.0000312 in the next stage.

AiDoge Has the Perfect Recipe for ‘Virality’

AiDoge is the latest meme coin to seize the market. But it’s not just another meme coin or shitcoin. It comes with a fun and unique use case that has the potential to go viral on the release of the underlying platform.

$AI is the native token of a meme-coin generator. As the name gives it away, the platform allows you to generate memes using text prompts. It simplifies the process of creating funny, quirky, and time-relevant memes by tapping into a large AI database.

AiDoge Presale Crosses the $9M Milestone as FOMO Hits New Highs

As you can see, AiDoge combines the three hottest trends on the internet – meme coins, memes, and AI. So, the meteoric progress of the presale doesn’t come as a surprise. The project has all the right components to become a viral phenomenon. The sprint to the $9M milestone hints at the bull run that is underway for the token upon its launch and exchange listings.

Another factor that has worked in favor of the project is its timing. Although the crypto market has been lukewarm for a few weeks, the meme coin market is pumping. People are more willing to invest in meme coins and shitcoins in the hope of multifold returns. Pepe, SpongeBob Token, Ben, and LADYS are good examples. If the massive rise of these tokens is any sign, a 20X bull run is awaiting AiDoge.

What Fuels the $AI FOMO?

AiDoge makes use of the meme coin hype. But hypes won’t do it if you’re planning to stay in the market in the long term. This is where AiDoge stands out. It takes advantage of the meme coin hype to power a next-gen AI platform. We have seen how AI platforms like ChatGPT and Dall-E went viral. In fact, they became household names owing to their futuristic capabilities. People are eager to learn how AI can bring more efficiency to their everyday life and work.

Similarly, the growing excitement around AiDoge is underpinned by its unique use case leveraging AI. It enters the fertile market with virality in mind. With the AiDoge meme-generator, anyone can generate memes within minutes by just entering a text prompt. Even if you don’t know the intricacies of Web 3.0 or AI, you can use the platform to give life to your meme ideas. And it won’t go unacknowledged.

AiDoge Presale Crosses the $9M Milestone as FOMO Hits New Highs

Memes have a larger target audience than some of the biggest crypto niches like play-to-earn and even DeFi. Because everyone loves memes. Your grandma may not know what memes are, but she is sure to laugh if she finds them relatable. In fact, she might want to create one herself to send it to her friends or family. Humor has no age.

Anybody who has looked at a viral meme and wondered if they can create one will find the AiDoge meme generator handy. The description fits most of us.

But are we really going to dedicate our time to something as silly as creating memes?

Did anyone think twenty years back that they’d get addicted to social media to the extent that they can’t live without it? Yet, we now post our photos, rants, and unsolicited life updates on social media every two days.

While meme sharing is popular today, meme generation is limited to a few creative people who have access to advanced tools and large databases. AiDoge meme generator opens the niche and gives you ready-to-publish memes based on your input within seconds.

Make Side Income as You Make Memes

You can’t just make memes with AiDoge. You can also make money. The first-of-its-kind meme-to-earn platform comes with exciting rewards for top meme creators. It uses incentivization as a tool to fuel creativity and engagement in the ecosystem.

Memes generated using the platform are showcased on a public virtual wall. It will be a hub for meme lovers and meme creators to discover the latest memes across different niches. You can browse memes based on criteria like popularity, time, or specific themes. Makers of the top memes are rewarded with $AI tokens.

$AI also powers the token-based credit system of the platform. You can stake $AI tokens to build credits and access the bespoke AI generation tools on the platform. $AI token holders are also eligible for special benefits like exclusive access to advanced meme generation software, airdrops, and more.

AiDoge Presale Crosses the $9M Milestone as FOMO Hits New Highs

As per the website, the AiDoge meme generation platform is earmarked to go live in Q4 2023. It will operate based on your credit balances earned via staking.

Be a Part of the Next Big Meme Coin Explosion

Investors are joining the ongoing AiDoge presale in the hope of making multifold returns on its exchange listings in the pipeline. But the growth potential of the token lies beyond that. A fun and engaging utility gives it long-term relevance.

It is not a bubble waiting to burst like most meme coins.

$AI will retain a large share of its value generated by the series of explosions. And potentially, it will enter the top-3 meme coin list toward the end of the year.


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