AirSwap Launches Two New Products, Delegates and Explorer

Place/Date: New York - February 13th, 2020 at 7:24 am UTC · 3 min read
Source: AirSwap

AirSwap Launches Two New Products, Delegates and Explorer
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AirSwap, the decentralized trading network for Ethereum, has released Delegates: non-custodial and trustless limit order functionality on the AirSwap network. Anyone can add a token and set a price here.

With the introduction of AirSwap Delegates, everyday traders can configure on-chain trading rules, removing the need to develop and operate complex maker software. Delegates enable new powerful features through on-chain limit orders, the ability for anyone to add new tokens to the network, and for dapps to integrate with a new on-chain liquidity source. This liquidity can be accessed directly from the AirSwap frontend, as well as any other dapp integration.

Delegates remove a major bottleneck to being a maker on the network.​ Previously, only professional traders with the ability to write and run maker software could provide liquidity. With Delegates, AirSwap has created new protocols and an intuitive interface for limit orders to be stored on-chain. This increases the number of makers on the network.

Delegates make it easy for everyday traders to add new tokens to the network​ — without giving up custody of their tokens. Previously, adding a token would require running maker software. With Delegates, a friendly interface allows anyone to add any token with a few simple clicks. This increases the number of tokens available on the network.

Delegates make on-chain liquidity integrations possible. ​On-chain liquidity in the ecosystem has recently seen significant growth. Delegates enable deep integration with AirSwap liquidity, discoverable and directly queryable by smart contract trading systems. AirSwap invites ecosystem projects to integrate with this new on-chain liquidity source.

Delegates increase liquidity by enabling more “trade loops” to complete.​ Delegates propagate on-chain liquidity through the AirSwap frontend, empowering takers to compare prices across both makers and delegates. Delegates increase the number of orders stored and aggregated on-chain, which gives more competitive options to takers. More trading possibilities for both makers and takers create new “trade loops”, resulting in more liquidity on the network.

With Delegates, AirSwap has introduced a new component of the AirSwap system, intercompatible with existing components, and extending into a new kind of liquidity that enables everyday traders to easily add their tokens and set their prices. Delegates are critical to growing a network that empowers the world with frictionless trade.

In conjunction with Delegates, AirSwap is releasing Explorer, a network data visualization to view the trading activity and structure of the AirSwap network. Explore what the most popular tokens are for a given time frame, what the most active integrations are, and more. Traders can now use ​AirSwap Explorer​ as their primary AirSwap data source.

AirSwap Launches Two New Products, Delegates and Explorer

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