AjuBit The World’s First Informative Crypto Trading Platform Launching with Lightning Execution

Place/Date: - September 15th, 2020 at 5:59 pm UTC · 5 min read
Contact: AjuBit, Source: AjuBit

Since the advent of cryptocurrencies, many exchanges have been working hard to satisfy the requirements of virtual currency traders. In their quest, every exchange is labeling itself as the most innovative crypto trading platform. Unfortunately, for many exchanges, this claim has been used to lure unsuspecting traders.

Many of these “Innovative” platforms promise faster executions, better security, and user-friendly interface. While some of them can slightly substantiate their claims, what we witnessed mostly are hacks that lead to losses amounting to millions of dollars, clunky interfaces with important information scattered in different pages, and simply bad user experience (UX).

Luckily, amidst the crowded cryptocurrency exchange market, there are a few platforms worth their salt in every aspect; from being user-friendly to secure to having favorable fees to strict regulations. In line with this, we are proud to present AjuBit, truly Innovative crypto trading platform.

What Makes AjuBit a Unique Crypto Exchange?

Everything in One Place

Most crypto exchanges don’t have global market data, client have to go different website for data that should be in one place. A user has to go too many websites to find essential information like other platform’s coins pair Price, global market Study Chart Analysis and crypto-based news social and signals!

Everything can be available in “AjuBit Advanced Informative Platform”. The World’s first platform who presents in House & Global market data in front of the client’s eye. AjuBit Version v1.1 gives All-In-One under in one umbrella with individual market Price, Study Chart Analysis and 1 Year market overview in a box! AjuBit strongly believe client can easily understand market position before buy and sell and feel real trading taste and environment.

Access to Other Exchanges’ Live Prices

Cryptocurrency prices, to a certain degree, vary from exchange to exchange. As such, a user may buy a cryptocurrency at an abnormally high price on a particular trading platform. But with AjuBit, users have the ability to see live prices from other exchanges as well.

This allows them to make more informed decisions when buying or selling cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, users get to enjoy more leeway in making a profit from This also gives them better chances of making a profit.

A Guiding Speedometer

AjuBit also has a Speedometer conspicuously placed in the middle of the trading screen. The Speedometer shows whether the current trading pair has a Strong, Neutral, Buy or Sell momentum. It also aggregates prices from the global cryptocurrency market.

Global Market Chart Study and Analysis

AjuBit platform has three more unique facilities “Chart Study and Analysis” under Speedometer section. It represents unbelievable “Chart” function capability to point out most of platform all pair crypto chart, even client can see Forex, Gold, Oil, Stock etc market charts also! By click on “Study” function user can see each pair global study which can improve self-confidence! If user click on “Analysis” function user can see each pair of marketing research which can help to take proper decision before buy or sell!

Easy User-Friendly Client Panel

Most of user panel more complex for Deposit, Withdrawal and ID verification. AjuBit always thinks simple & effective way to show advance facility. No need opens new page for deposit withdrawal or wallet management! The unique design gives user-friendly instrument panel environment, user can easily manage wallet and consider full record of balance, transactions in a single page. Security measures are well documented.

As one of the most innovative crypto trading platforms, AjuBit maintains high security for deposits by storing over 97% of them in cold storage. Account security is secured using advanced features such as IP verification, two-factor authentication, and in-house developed measures.

Instant Withdrawals

Most of platform withdrawal manual, client realized a value losses by dropping price and unable to meet urgent matter due to lacking dynamic response from the exchange side. Cryptocurrencies continue to gain momentum in day-to-day usage that`s why AjuBit decide to instant withdraw for a limited amount. Therefore, making withdrawals instant ensures that an AjuBit trader gets to receive his funds in the event he needs them.

Professional Support Team

Most cryptocurrency exchanges are plagued by customer service. In fact, this is something that users have complained about even from the largest crypto exchanges. Here on AjuBit, we have a professional support team that ensures every user issue is handled professionally, and most importantly, within a reasonable time frame.

Fast Matching Engine

Traders, especially those that are veterans of traditional financial markets, are used to speedy matching engines. Unfortunately, the technology some crypto exchanges use is not on par with what these traders are comfortable with.

For power traders, the speed at which buy and sell orders are matched can make all the difference between a loss and a profit. This is due to the inherent volatility of cryptocurrency prices. At AjuBit, a fast matching engine sits at the exchange’s core to ensure that traders experience accelerated trading.


With several cryptocurrency exchanges claiming to be the most innovative, AjuBit separates itself by offering features that other platforms don’t have. And thanks to its fast-matching engine, it is an ideal exchange for power traders who wish to make a profit from the volatility of cryptocurrencies. Plus, AjuBit is optimized for mobile devices to ensure a trader never misses a vital indicator while on the go.

Visit our website and enjoy trading in a blockchain-based platform like no other. Happy trading!