New Space Race: Alien Worlds Metaverse Faces Planetary Governance Elections

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New Space Race: Alien Worlds Metaverse Faces Planetary Governance Elections
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Like the physical universe, every planet in Alien Worlds is different, with each presenting unique characteristics that affect its capabilities and value.

The Alien Worlds universe has been booming, and following a period of rapid growth, each planet within Alien Worlds is voting to have five players represent it. This will allow them governance control over the worlds, an essential role within the game. There are seven planets, each with its own governance race: Eyeke with seven candidates, Kavian with eleven candidates, Magor with nine candidates, Naron with twelve candidates, Neri with twenty candidates, and Veles with twelve. To say this space race is heating up would be an understatement. Below, we’ll get into why planetary governance is so crucial for Alien Worlds gamers.

Digital Democratically Elected Representatives

One of the most fascinating aspects of the game is the tight-knit and competitive planetary communities, each working to make their planet number one in the universe. Each planet has its own ‘politics’ of sorts, with the elected governing officials acting as some of the first digital politicians. Picking the right representatives is a serious matter; their collective decision-making will have both short and long-term effects on each planet’s prosperity and longevity.

In a game where the developers tokenize every aspect, planet governance revolves largely around planetary outputs, mainly in the form of mining. Users can stake Trilium with different planets, each with its own prespecified rewards and governance mechanisms. Trilium is the in-game cryptocurrency used as a stake counter, acting as the underpinnings of the Alien Worlds economy. With elected officials having the power to make critical decisions that will directly affect people’s wealth, it’s no wonder the governance racing has been heating up.

Alien Worlds Planetary Candidates

Representatives from, a news site focused on covering gaming news about the WAX blockchain, spoke with various candidates running for planetary governance positions. Many of the candidates had wildly different motivations for why they wanted to set governance standards for their respective planets, but most of them revolved around strengthening the community in some way or another.

When asked why they wanted to be in charge of planetary governance, Sharkyto, one of the candidates for the planet known as Veles, stated:

“I like Veles, we have many interesting ideas to make it the best planet in the game, and I’m sure we will succeed, the other planets will have to adapt and everyone will be happy. I think about new players, commissions, dedicated funds, and many other ideas that can make Veles not only a great place, but the whole game a place where everyone can be sent home. This metaverse is so much fun. We love it here. We have many ideas to make Veles a great place, and others that we think make the whole metaverse more fun.”

While some are focused more on the entertainment side of the gaming metaverse, others have more serious considerations. A candidate who goes by the name of Your Daddy is focusing mainly on optimizing mining for his planet, Magor, and its community of miners. Although it will inevitably be stressful to run for one of five controlling positions for a planet, Your Daddy seems to be enjoying the election process, commenting, “It’s like politics, we make decisions and either rejoice with greatness or reconsider to make a better decision.” Spoken like a true political leader.

A Digital Replication of Humanity’s Future?

Like the physical universe, every planet in Alien Worlds is different, with each presenting unique characteristics that affect its capabilities and value. With this in mind, gamers have developed different ownership strategies that they hope will maximize their in-game output. Alien Worlds presents a fun and profitable way for gamers to explore a futuristic universe where users can interact and monetize aspects of multiple planets.

If Eyeke, Neri, or any other planet within the game wants to take control over the number one position, in the end, they’re going to have to implement more profitable features for their users. This will create a race to the top for dominance, with each planet working to innovate and add additional value to gain an edge. The Alien Worlds universe is just starting to take off, and with election season taking place, hungry planetary representative figures will only help it grow.

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