Bernie Sanders Inauguration Memes Immortalized on WAX Blockchain

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Bernie Sanders Inauguration Memes Immortalized on WAX Blockchain
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The WAX blockchain is expected to significantly benefit from the Sanders meme immortalization.

The popular United States politician and activist Bernie Sanders will have his famous inauguration meme immortalized on the WAX blockchain. Notably, Topps Digital released their latest line of NFT collectibles today that featured Sanders and his winter mittens as the subject of the promotional series.

“Topps Digital is adding to the fun today by launching Garbage Pail Kids Bernventures set on the WAX Blockchain,” the firm noted in a press release. The Bernie Sanders digital packs that were launched through the Atomic Assets standard will only be purchasable using WAX tokens. Whereby each pack will contain two different digital cards, with no limit for sales.

Topps Digital further noted that the sale will be open for three days, hence closing on Friday. “There is a countdown timer and packs sold counter on the website. Packs can be opened on the website under the inventory tab. Cards can also be viewed and sorted on the same tab,” Topps Digital noted.

The meme has been circulating the internet for the past week, being placed at different places, angles, and alongside creative formats. The collectible series features 18 different depictions of Sanders, whereby some he is under the water while others he is depicted from space.

Reportedly, the NFT holders will have an opportunity to “bern” unwanted tokens through the official website. This opportunity will allow them to destroy the NFT in exchange for points that can be exchanged for future releases in the series.

Bigger Picture on Bernie Sanders Meme on WAX

Crypto and blockchain-related firms are getting creative to attract more customers and win utility for their ecosystem. The WAX blockchain is expected to significantly benefit from the Sanders meme immortalization. The WAXP coin is a governance-based token on the WAX blockchain. Notably, the WAX token was trading around $0.04030248 having dropped approximately 4.5% in the past 24-hours according to CoinGecko. Besides, the asset rallied around 89% last year.

The Sanders meme has been commercialized by different parties in the past week. One notable commercialization was noted by news outlet, whereby a handmade made doll was sold on eBay for more than $20,000.

Although not the president, Sanders will live to be remembered as his images will forever be found on the blockchain so long as it lives. He has been noted to be one of the most popular and consistent American politicians. Having run for United States presidential seat twice and lost, it is not clear if the renowned politician will wait for another four years or retire with his age, 79 years.

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