ALLN, the Best Blockchain Application

Place/Date: - June 21st, 2018 at 6:26 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: ALLN, Source: ALLN

The travel industry is a vast industry ecosystem that covers land, sea, and air transportation industry, service industry, retail industry, and hospitality industry, etc., and it also serves as the leader of the commercial service industry.

Within such ecosystem, the services provided by nodes are intimately connected, the supply chain or resource network is of high complexity, resulting in the higher possibility for connections between nodes to break or malfunction.

The followed issues are some of problems for travelers:

  • Travelers Not ensuring that travel agents provide the services as their promises.
  • Travelers cannot change the ownership of flight tickets after tickets been sold.
  • Travelers didn’t know about the evaluation of recreational area and shops or restaurants in airport.

These problems just the tip of the iceberg, more problems shall be found and solved.

The blockchain is the permanent data saving technology that cannot be altered, and the information risk and costs of “transactions” using such technology are significantly reduced. According to these characters, use ALLN for transaction as solution of these situations:

  • With blockchain technique, the supply chain of industry is easy to confirm the cashflow or rights transferring. Travelers can choose ALLN become the payment tool for booking their itinerary via travel agent and tracing the blockchain data for acceptance checking.
  • ALLN’s smart contract allow consumers to buy a ‘right of ownership’ of flight tickets. So, consumers don’t need to provide ID or name when booking and paying the ticket. At last, consumers can transfer the rights to anybody or issue the tickets for self-using before the deadline set by airlines.
  • The restaurants or duty-free shops in the airports are the scenarios for all flight-passengers in travel. However, the quality of the restaurants and shops is a question mark for travelers. ALLN is not only a payment tool providing a bridge between businesses and consumers of air transport and tourism in airports, but also a blockchain tool to evaluate the services and commodities when owner pays at checkout. This permanent data saving technology supports other travelers a reference to select a restaurant or shop also improves the businesses to provide high qualities service and goods.

ALLN is an entity operating project that focuses on how blockchains and cryptocurrencies can be effectively implemented in “travel and lifestyle consumption scenarios.” Participating in the forum selection and winning the Best Blockchain Application Award is well deserved.

ALLN team was starting the globe roadshow or meetup in Korea and Silicon Valley of US from the beginning of June 2018. Please check and follow our schedule on ALLN’s official Facebook.