Amazing Blockchain Game Journey!

May 14th, 2019 at 4:17 pm UTC · 3 min read

Tencent has launched the “first blockchain game” in China, which brought the blockchain into the daily entertainment of the majority of players.

The Blockchainer and GMGC will hold the 2019 Chain Plus Blockchain Digital Game Innovation Summit in Beijing on June 17th, 2019. Almost all blockchain game upstream and downstream companies will attend! GMGC has successfully held seven games conferences and this is the Eighth one. Sponsored by Huawei, Tencent, NetEase and Ali,etc. This conference even received CCTV’s broadcast last year.

This Blockchain Digital Game Innovation Summit is the largest and most influential blockchain game industry event. With 10,000+ audiences, 100+ investors, global 30+ countries and regions, 100+ speakers, 3000+ enterprises participated in the conference, and there are the best quality blockchain game project demonstrations, and the most professional blockchain game experience sharing.

Speakers who have confirmed their presence are Hironao Kunimitsu, founder and CEO of Japanese game giant Gumi, John Wang, head of NEO Global Development ecological development department, and Douglas Gan, co-founder and CEO of GBCI Ventures, and He Weifeng, founder of BiGeVC. In addition, Blockchain Game Alliance President Manon Burgel and Tron Foundation business leader Roy Liu will also participate.

This conference brings together game companies and publishers in the blockchain gaming arena, the underlying development platform for blockchain gaming, the payment channel/wallet for game traffic entry, and the game asset management platform for blockchain gaming. There are also many third-party service companies in the blockchain gaming arena. However, most people cannot be widely contacted with these blockchain game-related enterprises. This conference runs through the entire game industry and is an excellent platform for learning and business cooperation in the global game industry.

What’s more, The Blockchainer cooperate with the authoritative hackathon organizer SV techclub to create a professional hackathon based on blockchain games. This global hackathon theme with beauty and beast, originated in 2018, is a series of events for the global program group. In conjunction with many countries and regions, well-known medias, world-renowned venture capital institutions, and dozens of top global partners to jointly create a blockchain-based hackathon competition with elite team.

In order to achieve this hackathon, we have gathered the top technology community CSDN, Geekbang, HIBLOCK, Silicon Valley TechClub, CSDN, Computer Industry Association, MeetUgo, ItechPlus, Blockchain Base Camp, Global Ethernet Vertical Community, Tongji Blockchain Institute, National Chiao Tung University Blockchain Institute, the Donghua AI Blockchain, and the China Software Association which have attracted outstanding developers from all over the world to participate.

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