Amazon and Gates Foundation May Deliver Coronavirus Test Kits to Seattle Homes

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Amazon and Gates Foundation May Deliver Coronavirus Test Kits to Seattle Homes
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Amazon Care and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation may team up to deliver coronavirus test kits to Seattle residents. But there is no official confirmation of this cooperation.

After battling with the coronavirus outbreak, Seattle residents may finally get some breath after a possible collaboration between Amazon Care and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to deliver test kits to homes looms in the air. According to CNBC, the possible discussion may have been going on for the past week.

Amazon Care is the Amazon company’s virtual medical clinic which is designated for employees only. On the other hand, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is well renown in investing in such pandemics research in the past. If the two entities team up to use their logistics, the rate of coronavirus detection may be much effective than before.

Seattle has battled with the spread of coronavirus resulting in public places like schools, offices, and also tech companies closing up. A number of people have resulted in self-quarantining to avoid contracting the deadly virus. Amazon which has its offices in Seattle advised its employees to work remotely from home.

The test kits will include the nose swabs, which will be directly mailed to the University of Washington for further lab analysis. Both Amazon Care and Gates Foundation have the capacity to deliver thousands of coronavirus test kits to suspected people with flu-like symptoms.

Feasibility of the Collaboration Between Amazon Care and Gates Foundation

The United States government has been struggling to fight the spread of the coronavirus outbreak. In the past week, Donald Trump announced that he has signed $8.3 billion to supplement in the control of the disease, however, the CDC officials claim they are not fully capacitated to deal with the outbreak.

This has increased the panic with the public and investors, who are running away from the risky assets and stock markets. Most governors in the states highly affected are looking forward to a total lock-down if things do not cool down.

With the number of confirmed coronavirus cases surpassing 1,000 and deaths more than 30, desperate measures will need to come in play. The collaboration between Amazon Care and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will be an added arsenal to the CDC to fight the coronavirus outbreak.

According to the Seattle Times, the project to create and distribute home-testing kits will make use of funds meant for the Seattle Flu Project. With Gates Foundation providing the kits, Amazon Care is set to deliver them at no cost to Seattle homes. This makes collaboration between Amazon Care and Bill & Melinda Foundation very feasible and likely to succeed.

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