Amazon Unveils Its First Smart Home Robot Astro Ahead of Holiday Season

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Amazon Unveils Its First Smart Home Robot Astro Ahead of Holiday Season
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The newly launched home robot is capable of performing tasks such as playing music, bringing stuff from other rooms as well as conducting video chats and conversations on command.

Astro is the latest addition to Amazon’s growing list of premium products. The home robot will be sold via invitation initially and is currently priced at $999. While the company largely operates as an e-commerce online brand, its inclination towards robot technology seems to imply that the organization is interested in exploring other potential domains too. As per the announcement from Amazon,  Astro will be available for sale by the end of 2021.

Amazon Looks Forward to Launching Astro and Other New Gadgets This Year

Amazon has announced a wide array of gadgets that are in the queue along with Astro and will be launched sometime soon. The company will also be launching a new Echo 15 smart screen, a thermostat, and a new fitness tracker to keep the holiday shopping season active and busy for the masses.

With the launch of their new home robot, Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN) had ventured into new territory in terms of emerging technology and functionality. The company had built Astro keeping in mind the modern usages and specifications. Astro is well equipped in obeying multiple commands and completing tasks such as keeping an eye on the house, sending an intruder alert, and carrying things from one room to another. It can also follow basic commands such as playing music or television on its 10-inch screen. Astro comes with a small in-built compartment that can be used to load and unload stuff from one room to another.

Astro’s high-quality cameras can also be used for security purposes or to conduct simple video chats with people across the world. Astro works in league with Amazon’s Alexa in terms of communication and will accept commands once connected to a stable internet connection. Astro can also be monitored and controlled with the help of a mobile app. To counter queries related to the privacy of the owner’s house and data, the company had clarified that Astro’s cameras, microphones, and sensors can always be switched off with the press of a button.

Amazon has decided that Astro will be sold via registration first. The company will be asking people to register themselves and then invite them to purchase the robot. The following method has been devised to save the company from manufacturing an extra set of products that may or may not be sold later. The company has not yet commented on a specific date of launch, but the sale is said to go live sometime soon.

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