Amazon’s Free Training Initiative for AWS Includes Metaverse-like Game

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Amazon’s Free Training Initiative for AWS Includes Metaverse-like Game
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The new AWS Cloud Quest game is a play-and-learn program while interacting with virtual characters and solving their cloud-related tech issues.

Tech giant Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN) seems to be experimenting with some interesting ways to help pick up cloud-computing skills with Amazon Web Services (AWS). On Tuesday, March 15, Amazon launched an online role-playing game AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner.

Here users can create their own avatars and move through virtual cities helping their denizens solve some cloud-related technology issues. This pretty much seems like a Metaverse-like idea for training people. In one of the demo videos, a cartoon-like man approaches and says:

“The server running my weather app keeps failing! Can you help me, please?”

After completing the Amazon Web Services simulations and puzzles, users can earn points and unlock new character styles. Besides, they can also unlock new city themes, virtual items such as a uniform pool float and a hoverboard. While announcing the game on Tuesday, AWS noted:

“As a cloud practitioner, you’ll venture on a journey to help the citizens in town transform their city by using cloud solutions”.

AWS Cloud Quest is good for new-to-adult cloud learners as well as those early in their cloud careers. The goal basically is to help people build practical cloud skills through some interactive learning as well as hands-on activities.

Amazon’s Skills Imparting Goals

Amazon has been offering a range of certifications for its employees to advance their careers and enhance their cloud expertise. Apart from just Cloud Quest, the company has also introduced another free training initiative.

This is the part of company’s greater commitment to offering training to 29 million people by the year 2025.

“These two offerings help individuals grow their skills and employability. We’re continuing to innovate how learners can build their cloud knowledge and practical skills, meeting them where they are and bringing knowledge within anyone’s reach by making these programs free,” said Kevin Kelly, director of Cloud Career Training Programs at AWS.

Furthermore, the Reimagined Amazon AWS Educate program comprises of new course along with hands-on labs. It also makes it easier for individuals as young as 13 years to register and access hundreds of hours for free. These are self-paced training courses with resources and labs specifically designed for new cloud learners and students.

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